Down but not out lol

Taking the bin out on Thursday night forgot about pavement lost my balance down I went. Still a bit  painful but on we go no great damage a few cuts on LEDs and arm buttwe go on.

Oh no hope your ok des ,it's so easy to do even when not had a stroke,stay positive,x

Sorry to hear this Des. After my stint on rehab, the physiotherapist told me to expect a few falls. These happened several times in the first year home, but less so since. My strength and balance classes have helped enormously, but I still totter occasionally. I've also been taught how to get up from a fall, which is invaluable.

Too easy to be busy and forget our brains are also busy but not attending to our conscious self.

I always expect to fall and always have a safety net. Walking stick or a fork in the ground. Every location I move to, I think what I will do if I stumble. Annoying at first, but now it is second nature.

having said that, when I take the bins out there isn't any safety net option. 

hope you are fully recovered


Thanks could of been worse

Thanks des

Thanks I an ok still a bit stiff and sore ? but the getting better put me back a bit but on we go hope all is ok at u end x

Many thanks des

Ive a simular story des , i attempted to cut the grass friday i thought if im holding on to the mower id be fine , and it was ok untill i stopped and tried get the grass box and down i went , but as you say onward and upward 

Hi des not surprised your feeling bit stiff and sore..but hopefully a couple of days and your feel much better,yes everything is ok thankyou ,I've got my loop recorder on Thursday ,tomorrow I have to go for my covid test then isolate for 3 days,and I'd only just gone back to graduated return to work ,but it's ok,just glad when it's done ,I've got my 6 month check up with the stroke nurse in October ,I also had a factor 5 blood test,as there seems to be a few family members that have had clots ,anyway glad your ok ..pippy x

Hope you are ok been working in the backyard all ok so far lol

Thanks hope all things go according to plan with best regards des

Thankyou des x

Ouch, at least it wasn't too bad, and I am glad you are okay. Whenever I incur any sort of mild physical injury now, it kind of distracts me from the bigger issues I have. The increased bleeding from anti-platelet meds can be a bit disconcerting though, but at least we know they are working.

When I was having my unbeknown TIAs, I was cleaning out some demijohns, and I accidently put too hot water in one, the bottom cracked off and extremely hot water splashed all over me, I slipped, and sliced my hand and arm, and I slid on the floor. Looking back, I now understand how precarious simple tasks can be with stroke symptoms to manage at the same time. 

Thanks hope all is going well des

Thanks des