Down but guilty

I haven’t posted because I wanted to be upbeat I have had my statin halved as I was getting bad aching my eyes have not been great so again I did something about it and got my eyes checked I have been given different strength contacts to try but I told my bosses I couldn’t go back to my old job after everything due to the stress my sick note ran out yesterday I had a meeting yesterday to be told there are no other vacancies they want me back and they say they will work at my pace etc but it’s non negotiable for me I am not putting myself through that stress my family want me to take it further I said why when there’s nothing else but my old job so they are stressing me out so I was told to get another sick note which I have but I don’t want this stress anymore and just want to sleep I want to be upbeat but just having a down few days


@Jul sorry to hear you’re having a few down days. Hope you start to feel better soon.

I’m not sure of you job but have you had an occupational health referral done? This woukd give your employer an idea of the dorts of things they could do to help you return to work…if you want to return of course. Mine stated a reduction in workload amongst many other things.

Try ringing ACAS for advice. It won’t hurt & nothing lost by trying.

It sounds like you’re not ready to return yet if you’re having eye issues aling with other things. Don’t be tempted / pushed into rushing back. Time might mean another opportunity coukd become available at your work. But whatever you do don’t just leave. This could affect your entitlement to any benefits.

Sending you hugs xxx


They have said they have nothing else but the job I left they said they would ease me back in said everything but I will not go back to a job that is so stressful and is going to get worse I am a good worker never late and stupidly this did not help me as I knew I had a tia and carried on working on auto pilot and was very fortunate I survived life is too short they want me back but I have to think of myself I am so fortunate but it’s terrible feeling sorry for yourself


Sorry you are feeling down! I’d like to say what a brave decision you’ve taken not to return to your previous job! I do hope you find something more suitable when you do feel up to it!!!

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You’re right that you have to think of yourself. Health is so so important. When you’re ready there will be something out there for you. Now is time to concentrate on you & your recovery. Hope you’re feeling a bit better today xx

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My work advised me to get another sick note which I did because I would have gone back to work if it wasn’t for the fact they want me back on my old job which I will not do so I will look to put my notice in before the next one runs out

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