Double vision had finally gone

My stroke in 2017 caused head problems and double vision. I got up yesterday and the double vision had disappeared I was in total shock. I fortunately have another pair of glasses without the prisms on and have to wear them as I need them for reading etc.  I got in touch with the hospital and they are going to give me an appointment when I have had my 2nd jab. I could go sooner but I would not feel safe. I am so happy and hope it continues. I think that might be helpful with my head problems. I am keepin g my fingers crossed. Norma Jean.

Dear Norma

I'm pleased to hear the good news regarding your double vision; I can imagine the relief you must feel. As you say, this may help to ease the other symptoms you experience with your head, let's hope so. 

At the moment I'm contemplating going down the private route for neuro physiotherapy, since I've recently had confirmation that I've been taken off the community physios' books and been discharged from their care. They stopped seeing me last October, saying I'd plateaued and left me with a few exercises to do at home and said they would review me in six weeks time. The review never took place! Whilst there are some very good websites I've looked at, without the supervision of a professional, I feel a bit lost. 

With very best wishes,

Anne xxx

Thanks Anne .

How wonderful. A spring present. Your brain is still quietly working at recovery. 

Thanks Colin it is something to be positive about. Just waiti ng to see if my head will improve now.Norma,

I think and hope that, by eliminating one problem then the remaining problems become clearer.

waking up with sight that you hadnt had for ages is truly miraculous.

i had three miracles. The first was when i was passing away on admission to hospital. I seemed to get dropped back into reality.

Then, having been 90% paralysed, i woke up early and simply got up and walked.

Then i had two days when the stroke fatigue lifted.

i like to think on the good things rather than all the problems.

best wishes


Hello Norma Jean,

Very pleased to hear your news. I'm sure it will give you a great boost in confidence, something we need to overcome each symptom at a time.


Hi Anne -Whereabouts are you?  Anywhere near Yorkshire?  I can highly recommend my neurophysio.

Hi and thank you very much for responding, it's so kind of you. I live in the north in Stalybridge, Cheshire, not a million miles from Yorkshire but not near enough to travel for physio. I have found a couple on line which look promising but it is good to get a personal recommendation.

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

Hope you are progressing well.

With best wishes,

Anne.  xxx