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hi I’m new to this so forgive me if I seem confused. I had “funny episode” 18th Jan went to hospital thought was having a stroke then said no so sent home back again and after number of tests they diagnosed TIA. think it’s had big impact on mental health, hard to even focus on anything else at times. Is it normal to feel like this??

Kasram, it is very normal to feel like this. Whilst a tia is not a full stroke it has a similar emotional impact. Hopefully, you will have the right medication. Changing your lifestyle might help. Especially diet, alcohol intake and exercise. Welcome to our forum.

@kazram sorry to hear about your TIA but welcome to the forum. It is perfectly natural to be feeling emotional and a bit all over the place. It’s a lot to take in. There are lots of friendly people on this forum who will help with support and advice if you need it. Remember be kind to yourself and take the time you need to come to terms with what’s happened. Best wishes

Thank you all for your support

Hi and welcome it’s normal to feel like this confusion brain fog why has this happened things do improve slowly as I say a Snail is faster than me now…!! :snail::snail: the key word is it’s a slow process shaz

thanks for your reply. yeah think it’s brain fog at it’s worst…can’t seem to think about anything “normal” like day to day things.

yes thank you. yeah it doesn’t get any easier, I guess a lot has happened over last few years lost my mam to MND, year later I got bowel cancer but they were able to operate successfully and at the same time they told me I also had Diverticular and now apparently TIA’s. But I know there are people a lot worse than me, so kinda makes me feel that I have no right to complain really if that makes sense

thank you. yeah it is certainly a lot to get your head around. Also at the moment I can’t drive so I am wondering if travelling would be safe, trains buses etc, can I just do what I was doing before all this

Aww thanks :blush:. Yeah it’s just all confusing right now as they thought I was having a stroke as just out of the blue one night went to bed and had strange sensation in my head also slight numb kinda feeling my arm and leg but then after tests done another dr said it’s stress and then they said TIA I’ve had. CT scan was ok but BP cholesterol high. Thankfully had nothing since. Anyway been put on meds Clopidogrel and Avortastatin and told to watch my diet

Thank you nice to know not alone even though feels that way a lot of the time :blush:

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@kazram sounds like you’ve been through plenty & it’s not surprising you’re struggling a bit. Take the time you need to digest what’s happening & above all look after yourself. Best wishes xx

Hi Kazram, you really have been through the mill over the recent past, so don’t be too hard on yourself. The lack of concentration you describe, together with the concern about what plans to make for travelling on public transport, etc, are all perfectly normal. Part of this, for some of us at least, is the fear of it all happening again, especially if we’re on our own or at night. Fear can paralyse and stop us being able to get on with life. As your confidence returns, you will feel more able to return to a greater degree of normality. You are one of the fortunate ones in that your recovery is good. Make the best of it and set yourself little goals to achieve, constantly challenging yourself a little further each day. Be determined.
For me, my faith was, my driving force, my reason for being and, ultimately, the solution to all my fears. With very best wishes and richest blessings for all your tomorrows!

Thanks so much :blush:. As regards exercise and trying to improve things and hopefully prevent having more. Does anyone have any advice regards how much and what best to do…… can you do too much ?? I think at first you panic that anything could set another one off

Thanks so much :blush:. Yeah I guess I have sometimes you just don’t realise it and you think all ok

Thank you :blush:. Yeah I think at first it just knocks you for 6 but yes I have been fortunate and thank god for that. Yeah it does get scary knowing what you can and can’t do and obviously don’t want it to happen again. Glad you’re doing well maybe I should take a leaf out of your book :blush:

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Hi no I don’t have any problems like that thankfully
I kind of get where I forget things and bit heavy head when thinking or trying to concentrate too much but not sure if that’s to do with the TIA or just tiredness from not sleeping well last few weeks

@kazram exercise levels will be different for everyone. You need to find what works for you without doing too much. I find going out wears me out but I’m ok pottering in the house. I used to run & would like to get back to it in time. Do what you enjoy & rest when you need to xx



Thanks for your helpful and very honest response. The confidence will grow gradually. Learn to love the new person you’ve become rather than hankering after the old you.

And yes, I do draw great strength from my Christian faith. It’s a real relationship which gives me the support I need.

Onwards and upwards! Richest blessings!


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Aww bless you well anything is better than nothing right?? :blush:. Yeah it’s been about 2 months since had my TIA…… or so they think. I think when it’s not 100% that they know (they said other things can have same symptoms) then leaves you unsure

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Hi does anyone think that they seem to think differently since TIA. I don’t seem to think about normal every day things, it’s been couple months now since my TIA, is this a permanent thing. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just something else??