Don't Cry?

Once in a while I need to sit down and have a good cry. The heavy load and struggle get to be a bit much. I always thought it would be cathartic, but unfortunately for me it is a super trigger for spasticity.
I had a good sob this morning and about ten minutes later I could hardly move my right side bits. Walking was tough and my neck was in pain. It took over an hour to settle down. So many triggers for this awful thing.
If I mention spasticity too much on the forum let me know. It is the worst thing about my stroke at the moment.


@Outlander we all need a good cry at times. Sorry it makes your spasticity worse. I really hope in time that it eases for you.

We’re always here to listen if you need to vent.

Take care



@Outlander if this business ain’t a good reason to cry then I don’t know what is. When people have asked about my feelings I’ve described the effects of stroke as a physical and emotional avalanche under which I feel buried and trying to claw my way out. But that is the point, the two are not separate things, the emoional is tied to the physical and your unfortunate physical reaction to emotional release is surely a perfectly natural thing to happen? In my case it’s often something like my hand suddenly locking up that makes me tearful. I guess it just brings home to me that things are different now.
You say it took over an hour to settle down, but the good news is that it did settle down. I’m sure that your body will learn to handle both physical and emotional feelings together, we are incredibly adaptable creatures. Don’t ever feel bad about telling of your troubles. This place is full of people who will always want to listen. Best wishes my friend.


Nothing wrong with a good crying, it’s what it’s there fore, I’m just sorry it causes you so much discomfort and I wish there was a solution to your pain.

Pain is a hard one to distract yourself from but the TENS machine might just be enough to do it if for no other reason. Apply the electrodes when the spasticity begins with the intensity was set high enough to be uncomfortable to countermine the spasticity for an hour or until the spasticity goes. Do that every time it comes on and it might be enough to retrain your brain.

I’ve did something along those lines once for my tinnitus using white noise and it did work for all of a minute. It’s just I didn’t have the patience to persevere with it, and it doesn’t bother me anyway, it was just an experiment for me.

It’s worth a try surely, even if it just reduces the intensity.


@Mrs5K : so thankful for your replies.
@EmeraldEyes : Hi, I tried the tens and here is the problem. There are just too many areas of spasticity.
Can you imagine, my face and neck, arm and hand, mid back, hip and thigh ALL at once. Yes I’m one of those rare cases as my Doc. says. Thanks for your support.


Hi Derek,

It’s so tough. Sorry about your struggles ; I’m in the same boat, mind you. At the moment I’m half good / half bad. My bowels working so much better but UT infection ( or something similar ) my eyelid shuts and tightens causing pain, and a group of glute muscles that have one good day, one bad day ( all locked up, and jammed ).

About this stroke we have been through… I’m not saying my mood is better than yours, but somehow, I have repeatedly got the message that our mood has a big bearing on our recovery. The better our mood, the better our recovery. Happy vibes help our bodies. So it’s worth being happy ( trick yourself, pretend, imagine a nice place in the sun / whatever works )… but in my case I have learnt how to put vinyl records on, I mean physically manage, since it can be such a “fiddle”. Music really whisks me off to another world… it’s one of my main pleasures in life, though I can no longer play my violin ( I will try though, when I’m even more settled ).

Since we are both the “creative type” finding a way to channel our imagination is what matters… I cry mostly at night / rarely during the day. Bedtime is the low point… it’s also a bit of a scary moment ; will the night go smoothly or not ? Not getting a good night’s sleep is a killer in every way.

I’m sure you know everything I know, and more. Spasticity is the work of the devil ; but however impossible it seems we must beat it… millimetre by millimetre… or whatever way one can measure it. I went to the seaside for 4 days, and that really fired my imagination… I also made all-round progress. I can tell my brain was stimulated because my body enjoyed itself more.

Anyway, I will always read what you write, because I identify with you… and many folk, here, simply because of the sheer challenges we face in recovering from stroke. The average person hasn’t got a clue what we are up against, nor would we want them to know the horrors we face. Anyway, I hope you find as much happiness as possible, even if it comes in one gram at a time. Mood is vital. A friend suggested i read Bruce Lipton for understanding how good mood works on a “cellular level”. Maybe I’ll YouTube him?

Anyway, I mustn’t waste any more of your time, I just wanted you to know that I care deeply about your progress. I have no real answers. It’s a mystery. Hang in there, buddy, and I pray for your health and happiness,

Ciao, Roland


@pando Roland, I can’t tell how much your reply uplifted me. We are certainly in tandem with our symptoms and creative bent. You’ve given me a nudge to get going with ways to elevate my mood and not just rely on exercise. I love the Beethoven pieces from “The Kings’ Speech” and often they take me out of myself and I’m transported. Yes: more music, more nature, more laughter with good friends. That’s the ticket. I pray that you will be back playing your precious violin with full recovery, and I, my piano with supple fingers.
Godbless, Derek


Thanks for you kind words, Derek

I would help in a flash if only I knew how. Mood and happiness was the first thing that came to mind, but that’s far easier said than done. Anyway, sharing little tips, however insignificant they may seem at the time, is vital. Keep posting, keep sharing

ciao, Roland


You can listen to Ludwig while I look at Colin, and we can both smile. I could look at or listen to Mr. Firth all day every day. His poor lovely wife…I am sorry dear, I cannot help my fascination with your dreamy husband.


@DeAnn He is also a terrific actor. The movie was great.


one of my favorites. A friend bought me my own copy. now I have to find the DVD player or buy one. LOL.