Does massage help with tightness?

Evening all - wondering whether any of you have exPerience of massage as a way to combat the tightness and soreness on your affected side?
6months on from my stroke (early days i know) and not much has wokEn up with my left upper limb.

Ive had a suggestion of deep tissue massage from my lical Stroke assOCIation coordnator - who i have to say has been very very helpful.

Thanks in advance of any replies.



Wise words Al and thanks…

I’ll keep that in mind cheers


@TRFCANDY53 i haven’t tried massage but given what @Pontwander has said it my be worth checking with dr / consultant before trying it. Ask the question of the masseuse too. I imagine if they thought there was a risk they wouldn’t let you have an appointment.


Hi Andy,
I have been having massages every other week for about 6 years. I think they do help, although, for a few hours afterwards I feel a bit worse because the muscles have been stretched more than usual. After my stroke I was told that massage shouldn’t be done in the early days after a stroke, but once everything has settled and the correct medication is in place, it can be efficacious. You might find this link useful



Thanks good advice i will.



Thanks so much Minnie

Really appreciate that


Since my stroke I have been doing a range pilatis exercises to help with the nerve pain and associated muscle aches and tightness down my RH side, and have found these have helped a lot.

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Thanks Paul. Great idea. Do you go to a class or found exercises online?

Thanks in advance and cheers for your reply.


Hi Andy, I’ve been doing classes for about 10 years after having sciatica. The Pilatis sorted my back out and I believe has made the physical recovery from the stroke easier than it might otherwise have been. Since my stroke I have been doing mainly online classes and my instructor also has a library of video classes that we can access at anytime. My instructor even came to see me when I came out of hospital and gave me lots of good advice on suitable exercises. There are probably lots of similiar classes available as Pilatis has become very popular.

All the best



Cheers Paul that sounds great.

Ill have a word with my physio at my next appointment.

Much appreciated