Does anyone see things since their stroke?

My husband is trying to piece a jigsaw together or so he says if things happening to him and at the moment he sees vision, can anyone comment in this please x

In the first days I went through a sort of hallucination stage, not sure how much was dream and how much when awake.
One thing is sure, I did not know what was happening to me. I definitely felt I had lost all control and was struggling to get it back. It was frightening and disturbing and I felt I was being held against my will.
As far as I recall this went on for a day or two, when I was in an admissions ward. It did not persist. Eventually I was transferred to a stroke unit, where I was treated for a couple of months before being released back home.
In those early days I was aware I was experiencing a disturbed phase and somehow hoped I could ‘reboot’ my system. I think it was my attempt to rationalise and handle what I was experiencing, which was a removal from everyday reality.
All of that faded away, though I still recall it. Now I have to deal with the very real consequences of the stroke, which are mainly a weakness in my upper and lower limbs on my right. This means I am very limited, cannot walk and have to now do everything left-handed, the right doing very little useful.
It is an uphill battle coping but if you look at the experiences of others, written up on this forum, you will see that progress, if only slow, can be made.

I wish you and your partner all the best. He will need you like you will never know.

take care,

ask and talk here you’ll find the forum very useful. The folks here are experienced and sympathetic, it is a good place to unload, you are very welcome here.

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I’ve just remembered there was a lad in the ward opposite to me who told his wife he’d seen a cat under the bed. Its probably quite common. The brain is trying to cope with extreme stress. I only remember it now as a peculiar experience that I passed through.

@Dave10 welcome to the forum. I didn’t see things after my stroke but did have vision issues I do dream a lot more vividly though which sometimes seem very real.
The brain is a complex beast & it’s probably part of his brain trying to adjust after his stroke.

Hallucination after stroke is common. I didn’t see things but after I came home I became convinced there were people in the house talking. One night, unknown to my partner, I crept downstairs to find n one. It was all in the mind.

Hi Dave10 , yes I had that experience a few days after stroke, like Bobi couldn’t work it out-if it was dreams or hallucinations thought if I can’t crack this I’ll end up in phychratric ward wondered if was caused by my medication, for a few days when I got home as well but not as vivid , since then nothing. Never done drugs so a strange experience. Don’t be afraid to ask anything on this forum it’s amazing the depth of experience and knowledge