Doctors said no stroke

Doctor's said i didn't have any kind of stroke but my symptoms were as follows, vision went in both eyes couldn't look at any thing eyes rolling in my head one eye bigger than the other then,slurred speech ,weakness in my arms i couldn't get up of the floor , balance and coordination and the sat down and went straight to sleep and wife couldn't wake me but apparently didn't have even a mini stroke, just because no markers left except some shadows on mri but they could have been there already they said.

Dear Tsd1974,

The experience you describe sounds very frightening. Did your medical professionals find out what caused this episode? I hope you are now fully recovered and feeling well. In the meantime, we are here for you.

All the best,


That sounds like what my flare ups are like. That's what I call it. 

Dr's constantly saying nothing wrong with me  just had one mri show minor stroke. 

Is that a stroke?