Do you have caregivers to help you?

I am a healthcare trainer for a health care company and would value any tips I can pass on to caregivers who help clients who have had a stroke. What don't you like? What do they do well? How could they do better? Do you have any stories about your care that you would like to share? My aim is to provide a better service to people receiving care and you are the people who can help me. It is the little things that matter. 

Are you meaning when in hospital or aftercare?  One thing I took the hump at was being referred to as an 'elderly care patient'  when I was in hospital. I was 65 when I had my stroke!  In these days when it is quite common to live to 100, people in their 60's are mere middle aged :)  Can't really comment much on the aftercare as I only had 3 visits from an occupational therapist who just sat and chatted.  As for NHS physio, that took 7 months before I got an appointment.

I train caregivers to help people in their own homes post-stroke. I am 64 and still working full time and would certainly object to being refered to as elderly! I hope you are recovering well and wish ou all the best for the future.