Do you care?

It is grey and winter nips the toes, the finger ends and across the back, a shiver.
Time to put on that dressing gown and the extra sweater, got mittens on a string?

I’m sat here and it isn’t so warm.

A voice came from upstairs, do you want a hot water bottle?

Man hath no greater love than that for a partner who will bring you a nice hot water bottle at such a time of need . . .
. . . and a hot cuppa too!! Thankyou, thankyou.

This is me, raising a glass to those wives, partners, carers everywhere, who do so much for so little.


@Bobbi here here. The ones looking after us deserve much recognition as we couldn’t have done it without them. I look forward to my morning cuppa delivered to me whilst still lounging in my bed & also very grateful for the free taxi service he provides :grin:


Hi, I would like to echo that, well said.
I’m very fortunate to have an amazing husband who takes care of me, which I know can be very frustrating at times.

A big thank you to all of the husbands, wives and families who look after a SS.

Regards Sue


Lucky people to have someone to care and help you.


I agree with you all. Y husband does so much, cheerfully with patience and a welcome sense of humour. Lilian


I agree with you all they are absolute stars :star::star2::star_struck:.


I would change places in a heartbeat and be the carer. You are so right saying thst.

We are a team after all xxx

Hope tour Tuesday is going well?

Andy x

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Enjot your walk if you go !!! Do you walk unaided and on your own?
Thst soup sounds lovely.
Julie and i have just been to view a bungalow - we both liked it!!!

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You. will find living in a bungalow much easier. We moved to a small bungalow some years before my stroke and have always been thankful. Lilian.


@TRFCANDY53 glad you both liked the bungalow. Will be so much better for you if you move to one. We are fortunate to have a downstairs bedroom with ensuite. It was a lifesaver for me initially as couldn’t do stairs.


Thanks both…it was quite big so we cud create a working room as well as dining room and living room all seperate. Lots of space outside too.
The floir plan is a bit amaller but not needing stairs to get up snd down for a shower will be really great. Bedroom at the back downstairs too which will would be lovely

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: sounds great. Hope it works out for you…if you want it of course :grin:

Top end of our budget, but my mindset is different now, post stroke, if we like it enough we should go for it .


Thats great you go out by yourself… im aspiring to that…its nice to go out without needing the pushchair or any stick or walking aids - dthough i so need Julie or soneone to help at the momejt. Im fine in my own inside the house.
Not sure yet need to see what happens wirh our house which is only going on the narket next week i think.

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Soup and your cat look awesome whats your cat cdlled?

Howscthd painting coming along?

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@Loshy well done on the walk. It was very breezy here this morning but i too went for a walk. 20 mins but a little further than yesterday. Can never have too many leeks in your soup :grin: bet it was lovely and warming after your walk. Your cat is gorgeous. As long as she doesn’t decide to help you paint :blush::blush:

@TRFCANDY53 you’ll get there with the walking. Confidence is a big part of venturing into the big wide world alone. I literally started by walking to end of garden then added a house or two to the walk. I always make sure i have my mobile just in case. Good luck with the house hunt. Hopefully yours will sell quickly & the bungalow of your dreams is waiting for you.

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Love the Mister & Missy names :grin:

The painting is coming together well. I look forward to seeing the end result.

I just managed to get back before the rain today. Horrid when you get caught in it but a lovely warm shower afterwards is always good. Xxx

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Thank you both…
Ill get there with walking on my own outside im sure … the bungalow we saw today was lovely and we cud just move in and live there. In a cul de sac too so quite quiet but close to amenities etc.

Will keep you posted x

Painting looks great Loraine youre very talented!!!


Regardless Loraine its still very impressive and great for your brain too .

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Im still waiting for my left hand to join the party it left with the stroke and i WILL get it back. I need it!!!
I kniw lots if people whove had carpal tunnel on one wrist …but both whst nightmare for you xx.

Hope your week going well xxx

See you Monday if not before lol.

Are you a makem supporter? Did you go to the Stadium of Light much and Roker Park??? X