Do symptoms continue?

My husband had aTIA in July. He has had all tests at TIA clinic and is now on statins ( one month) to help lower cholestrol which was o lay thing highlighted by tests. He has been on blood thinners for 2 years for a dvt so blood clots should not occur. His TIA was numbness in right arm, numbness right side of face a bit like a dentists injection, the odd headache. Other than being emotional and gets tired more than usual there appears to be No lasting effects . However he does still get days when his arm gets numb and other days when his face is tingly. Doesn't last for long. Is this normal or should we be co Cerney and co tact nhs for professional help?

Sally,  Not being a doctor, first I want to say that you should  check with the doctor  if these symptoms should be of concern. Next though I want to tell you that the body/brain/nerves take quite a while to heal after a stroke.  When I had a stroke 3 years ago, it took my left side weeks to "wake up" .  Then I had months of therapy.  I'm  doing well and still improving 3 years later.  So, since your husband's event was only a few weeks ago, it seems likely he might have some residual effects .  The nerves are still in a healing mode.   I had leg spasms for a couple of years after my stroke.  The fatigue is still there.  Emotionality after a stroke is normal.   They told us about it in the hospital.    Indeed, I found I cried easier and laughed longer.   The laughing part was a plus.  The emotionality eased off in time.  I don't feel weepy anymore, but I still laugh harder and longer now.  I still think it wouldn't hurt to talk to the doctor about it, to put both your minds at rest.  (Fear of "what might happen"  is very real once you've gone through something like this.) My best to both of you.  Love, Jeanne

Jeanne has said it all. I can only agree with her.