Dizzy & Nausea

It's been a good number of months since my stroke, now getting dizzy spells and feelings of nausea. I'm 80% wheelchair bound & I have Cerebellar Ataxia. Although I don't thing the Ataxia is to blame?
Is this normal so long after a stroke? or is it a warning of possible second stroke?

Dear Matelot892, I am a stroke survivor, 2 1/2 years, and I still get all kinds of weird feelings even though I am not in a wheel chair.   I don't think there are any two stroke experiences that are alike.   However, to suddenly feel dizzy and nauseous sounds like something new is happening.  It may not necessarily be another stroke.  It could be reaction to medication, inner ear,  or even somethings else.  That said, I think the smartest thing would be to go to the doctor.  Better to be safe than sorry, right?  And it will put your mind at ease to check it out.  You'll be in my prayers tonight.  Love, Jeanne

Im 5 years post stroke and still have constant dizziness, its worse when I do have to leave the house and the brain has to process more information. Noises, movement, conversation etc. Hard to explain to a non stroke person, so I totally get your problem. No nausea though, as said previously, no 2 strokes are identical and it could be medication, have you added or altered anything recently ?

Sensory overload ! 1.5 years cerebellum stroke . ME too as soon as outside home , even being driven not far , is far worse , as well as telephone conversation, difficult to follow. Hoped to have improved, but not so ! Improvements sooo slow . All the best David. 

Not added or reduced any meds. The hospital did change one of my meds but that was a while back. The mornings are the worst for the dizzy/nausea - but having sad that, sometimes it can last  last the whole day, sometimes. Thanks for your reply much appreciated?

Wheelchair is because of my Cerebellar Ataxia.

My meds have not been changed/reduced. Only thing I have changed is my diet (to reduce weight?)

Dr's Surgery only do telephone consultation's and that's a lottery.

The reply's I have read have been helpful and laid to rest a few worry's that were running around inside my head?
I'm not so nervous now, not as much anyway?


Hi sorry I am late answering.I had stroke 15 months ago at 58 and I don’t feel like I have had a normal day since.Dizzy and nauseous all the time.Been waiting for appointment for ent for a year.Idont think it is another stroke I think it is a lot to do with anxiety so try not to worry it only makes you worse.Take care we will all get there


I had a cerebellar stroke last September. I would get checked out just to be on the safe side. I occassionally get mild nausea, and odd outbreaks of dizziness (though only if I move too fast), but these symptoms occur in isolation. I do the finger from nose to finger, hand turns on opposite palm and heels along opposite shins to determine the level of my coordination. If these little tests showed any acute disparity, I'd certainly go for a check up. It might be nothing, as we tend to get blips and my consultant told me that anxiety can cause "mock symptoms" but I like to err on the side of caution.