I had a TIA in January. I’ve been dizzy and lightheaded since. It’s quite bad. Opinion divided with one doctor saying it’s nothing to do with stroke and my G P believes it is.
Did anybody else have similar long-lasting symptoms?

@Samkinder welcome to the forum although sorry you had a TIA. I had a lot of dizziness following my stroke & still get it 14 months on to a lesser degree. Have they offered to do any tests to find out whats going on ? My GP has now referred me to ENT but it might be worth you going back to the stroke team for some clarification making sure you tell them what your GP has said.
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Ann. Thanks for your response. I have already been to ENT and been given a series of exercises. At Stepping Hill stroke department i met same Doctor twice and he was quite adamant that the dizziness was unconnected to TIA. My GP has advised me to go down ENT route but she believes it is connected to Stroke. Its good to know that someone like yourself else had same symptoms. How long was it before you felt any improvement?

Hi Simon,

It was about 6 months before i started to improve. It was only recently though that I was told where i’d had my stroke (occipital lobe) can cause dizziness.

Hope you start to improve soon. It is very early days for you yet.

Best wishes


Hi Simon. Dizziness and loss of balance and coordination have been two issues I have suffered with for over 4 years now since I was diagnosed as having had multiple TIAs (small strokes).
Two major areas of damage were identified (by CT scan) in my basal ganglia. The Specialist Doctor said that this was the explantion of why I had was suffering those symptoms as I desribed above.
Without my walking aids I would be walking around looking like I am drunk.
Have you had any scans to identify and find the location of your TIAs?

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Thanks Ann
Its been good to talk to someone about it . Gets frustrating when you get less than a clear answer. Just for information, i
live in Hayfield in Derbyshire. In the Peak District. Im 66 and live alone. My beautiful girlfriend Fiona recently moved back to Scotland. I was supposed to be going for the spring soon but see what happens as i don’t feel safe to drive at the moment. Do you drive?

Hi Simon, i hope you get to see your girlfriend in Scotland. Have you thought about going by train?

I don’t drive at the minute but that’s more as a result of my ongoing leg issues. I’m not sure i’d be up for a drive to Scotland mind. It’s a fair trek. Maybe speak to your dr about driving…they might be able to refer you for an assessment to see how you get on although probably not soon enough for your Scotland trip.

Bore da @Samkinder, aye, I had a cerebellar stroke and six TIAs, and I have endured giddiness everyday for the past two years.

Hello. I actually usually do go on train, thanks. I won’t drive until i feel safe enough to do so. Thanks for replying. Its good to correspond with someone who understands.
Im not getting dizzy much at home, but if i go out for a walk then it’s hard work. How bad did you get? Do you have family with you. I dont have any family to help, unfortunately.
Keep safe

My dizziness levels vary a bit. Initially it was there all the time & it affected my balance and much of what I did. Now it’s more low level & worse when I’m fatigued. I did recently have a severe bout which saw me in A&E. Thankfully that has settled again. I wonder if you’re gettjng dizzy when out because you’re pushing yourself. Hopefully it will settle as the walking becomes easier. It’s only been a month since you had your TIA so its very early on the recovery path. Fatigue is likely a big thing for you at the minute.
I am fortunate that my husband was able to look after me at the start. I do a lot more for myself now but he still ferries me around & does the food shopping.
Just take things steady & don’t push yourself too much. Pstience will become your friend for a while. I no longer worry if the house is a mess.

After my stroke I get dizzy and have balance problems. I go to clinic called The Falls clinic. The letter I got stated it was for the elderly, which I am not. Well nit yet. I do lots of different exercises so my brain gets used to the movement. The physiotherapist told me my brain needs to learn again and find another pathway.
They told me the problem has been caused by my stroke.
It is helping but I do find i have to make sure I do the exercises or my symptoms come back. They also become bad when I am tired or i have a lot on. It’s like my brain decides it’s ok just to let balance go and deal with other things.
I am not sure I am explaining this very well. Maybe see if you can be referred to a falls clinic if you have one in your area.[quote=“Samkinder, post:1, topic:33261, full:true”]
I had a TIA in January. I’ve been dizzy and lightheaded since. It’s quite bad. Opinion divided with one doctor saying it’s nothing to do with stroke and my G P believes it is.
Did anybody else have similar long-lasting symptoms?

Thank you for your time. I have been to ENT clinic and have been given some exercises to do over the next weeks. They gradually build up but at moment im still just beginning. It includes eye movement, standing with eyes open and closed. Pointing at objects and touching tour nose with finger. It’s early days yet. I will certainly look into falls clinic.

Hi Simon
Welcome :slight_smile: you’ve arrived in a good place even if the entry fee isnt something any of us would volunteer to pay

With stroke is like buying a £100 2nd hand car. You know there will be issues just not what or how serious. If you ever get a firm, straight answer it is as likely to be wrong as right but it may be comforting.
What works for me is “it’s all speculation, that is plausible with how I feel internally (or isn’t keep looking)”

Balance etc is often neuro as a primary impact or secondary or just coincidental - the outcome is the same and but the treatment may not

I’ve thing you might consider is a diary of activity (eh sound light people exercise), diet, fluids inc alcohol, meds sleep, even bowels - they say the gut is another brain - and your dizziness over the next 1, 3 to 5 days then look for correlations

I have had dizziness and a strange feelimg in my head for quite a few years now. I have been to the ENT and I have been todl it is crystals in my inner ear. It feels like vertigo all the time. It is very unpleasant and it makes my balance very bad. I do Brandt deroff exercises every day in the hope that it will eventually go but so far no luck. I will keepdoingthe exercises in the hope that one day I will feel normal again. I hope you get sorted out very soon. Norma Jean.

Thanks Norma. I suppose im struggling to accept that it could be a life changing condition.
I will look up your exercises and see if there suitable gor me.
Thanks very much for taking the time to respond

You are very welcome Simon I do hope those exercises help you but be careful as you do not know whether your is crystals in your inner ear. Are you going to see the ENT specialist. All the best Norma

Thanks for taking the time to send a message.
It’s something i should consider, but im not taking any more meds than i was before. May i ask if the anti depressants help? I must admit I’ve been feeling low since it happened