I am 11 days post stroke, body not effected just language areas and some cogitive deficits.  I just had my first outing just to the post office and local shops i wasnt long.  I think i have been a bit dizzy anyone but its made me really dizzy - I'm just wondering if this is something I should worry about or its a common post stroke thing.  I thinking it might be realted to axxiety as I am definately having anxiety issues.

Hi i am 5 weeks post stroke and i am still dizzy, i think this is normal and also think anxiety plays a big part in this, i hope you feel better soon

If the part of your brain that was affected was the area dealing with balance then yes this is all par for the course. I had a cerabellum stroke just over a month ago and it is one of the rare ones , sounds like you may have had something similar , language, cognitive areas etc , its really early days for you - I am very anxious too especially when i try and take my blood pressure , big hug ..

Hi Poppy. I am 7 weeks post tia, eye stroke and have had trouble with vision and dizziness since then, which gets worse if I am active, walking any great distance, but can be just as bad on occasion just sitting still. I am on clopidogeral meds and am thinking it might be side effect so am seeing gp this week to discuss alternative. Also very tired. Hope resolves for you. 

I am 2 years post stroke and definitely have dizzy spells when stressed. Changed jobs to one much less stressful and almost stopped. I know now that only get them in stressed or if haven't drunk enough and dehydrated.

I still have slight dizziness on some days, I can't walk straight for the life of me ? feel like a drunken man some days, but not all days . I don't think I will be walking across rocks on the beach with my grandchildren for a while. I used to ride motorcycles but don't think it's possible anymore. I was a full blow stroke last August left leg arm face & mouth. Right para median pontine infarct. I have gone backwards since  the lockdown as gym & pool off limits due to coronavirus.

Hello poppy. I am 7 months post 2 strokes. I have been dizzy since the strokes but there is some gradual improvement  seems a balance problem. I get worse if I have anxiety about anything and tiredness. Get plenty of rest. It works for me. Blessings judy. 

Hello Glenda. Sorry to hear of your stroke I had four strokes 8 months ago and the dizzies are still bad. I have very bad balance also. Blessings judy

My husband suffered terrible dizzy spells and vertigo episodes before and after his stroke last January. His neurologist has prescribed tablets that have stopped it happening. 

It could be balance problems due to your stroke. 

4 1/2 months in, and have some balance issues a lot at present. Not much for first 3 months.  Can anyone throw light on this please? thanks, have just worked 6 hours (over last two weeks) and maybe it could be partly the anxiety of the return (with some challenges),,, anyone else experiencing this please? any input greatly appreciated,, thanks

Morning yes that's one of the reasons I'm having the vitb12 blood test ,I'm 4 months in and am having balance problems on and off and dizzyness a bit when walking which is worse now than before ..pippy

Sorry to hear this hope it gets sorted my balance is still not as good as it should be stay safe take care kind regards des

Thankyou des I'm sure it will all get sorted ,I'm back to work the end of this month so need things to be sorted out properly ..pippy 

Are you going back full time to work or a more slow return hope thng are sorted. However remember you are more important then work ☺️

I'm going back graduated return the first week I'm doing one shift of 3 hours ,2nd week 2 shifts of 4 hours ...yeah I'm full time have to work as have mortgage ,but luckily there are lots of departments at the hospital I can try ,if I can't work then I don't know to be honest as there's no financial help...hope your ok .pippy 

Can you not get UC and ESA hope it work out ok with kind regards des x

Hi des I'm not too sure to be honest ,I will give work ago and see ,but thankyou for the heads up I might have to try if I can't work ...pippy 

I found that the first three months, I felt I was recovering fairly quickly. They say that this is normal because neuroplasticity is at its peak, it continues steadily for a total of six months before slowing down. Once it slows down, signs of progress are more arbitary and less significant. After this period, we are left with residual impairments that need harder work in healing. 

My dizzines and balance issues became more acute after six months but less constant. So, I felt the severity of them more because I noticed them more, as they abrubtly interrupted periods of mild stability.