I had a stroke in October as a result of emergency heart surgery ,I'm nearly back to normal but suffer with daily dizzy spells, they come on suddenly some times causing double vision and headache ,they last onky a minute or so ,was told it's vertigo but not convinced, doesn't necessary come on with head movements,has anyone else suffered with this and can I do anything about it ,Nicky

Dear Nicky

So sorry to learn of the stroke.

I am assuming it was a full stroke and not a transient ischemic attack.

Many or possibly most of us get dizzy spells. Usually they are longer than a few minutes. I think its the brain needing to carry out rewiring. It sort of closes you down whilst it concentrates on repairs. Dont fight it. Let the brain carry out its tasks. Ensure you keep well hydrated. I call it SF (stroke fatigue). It does ease over the months. Get plenty of rest. Let your amazing brain repair the damge and work around the dead bits.

Be careful no to fall when the dizzy starts. I always make sure that, if I fall, its on something soft and I have something to grab. On bad days I fall over when sitting down. I just laugh and carry on resting.

Best wishes






Thank for your reply ,yes I think it was a full stroke ,a side effect of my heart surgery ,which caused left side weakness and permanent loss of half my sight in left eye ,arm completely normal now, legs still a little weak but getting better ,just struggling with the dizziness,but lucky to be still here ,just have to allow my brain to recover, heart all better now thanks to an artificial valve, so happy there are people to talk to that understand ,Nicky

Hi there

i had heart surgery November 2017 also ended up being dizzy all the time

Doctors treated me for vertigo but later found out I had a stroke caused by warfarin 

went to specsavers to get new specs and they are the ones who picked it up

they sent straight to doctors with a report which he then sent me to my local hospital who confirmed that it was a stroke and it has affected my proliferation vision to my right

hence after the further test by eye people it was found that I had become blind on my right in both eyes

so after six months they told me it was permanent 

i. Still get light headed every day especially when I get tired

richard 65 years young lol

go to have a full eye test

Richard, what a terrible time you’re having. First heart surgery, then Stroke, then blindness. I’ve just read out your post to my husband and he just shook his head in disbelief. No doubt you will have lots of experiences to share with us all on this Forum and hope we can give you support along the way.

Veronica and John 

Dear Nicky

You have a good attitude towards your illness and that will make you strong for your recovery. Can I suggest that you get a copy of the letter that the hospital send your GP when you leave hospital. It will show your formal diagnosis. Apart from telling you whta you have to deal with, this diagnosis will be useful when filling forms etc. If you dont have that letter as yet then the staff at the GP surgery should be able to arrange for one, you dont need to see the Doctor. 

Do keep exercising all the muscles,the weak side needs encouragement and the good side, which is bound to be compensating, needs strenthening.

That valve seems to be excellent. Isnt modern surgery amazing.

best wishes


Every day is a bonus

at least I don’t get chest pains anymore 

suppose it’s a small price to pay for all the work surgeons did

took heart out did triple bypass then put me back together only to start again as they found I had a bad valve

so instead of 6.5hrs on table ended up being there for 13 hours

Thanks Colin, I do have that letter and you are right I needed it for work today for some paperwork I needed to sign, my recovery is going really well ,and amazing compared to how I was just before Christmas, our bodies are amazing ,still some problems but almost there, and so grateful to still be here, nearly wasn't ,I intend to give myself time to fully recover with plenty of rest ,Nicky

My stroke was caused by my emergency heart surgery, the dizziness came with that ,I've lost my peripheral vision in my left eye (the same side as my leg and arm weakness ) been told my eye could be permanent ,at hospital soon for a vision test ,then I intend to go to Specsavers for a full check ,my eye is a small price to pay for surviving what happened with my heart ,so I don't really mind ,Nicky

Well done Nicky. DoO come back and ask if there is anything you want to talk about. Or come back in a few weeks and let us know how things are going

Best wishes



Hi Colin, that reply is really useful for me too. I had a TIA on Good Friday ( April 19) and I do get dizziness sometimes, especially when getting side effects from the clopidogrel & artovistatin (?) I take. When getting up at night, although doing so slowly and carefully, I sometimes feel very dizzy and am afraid I am going to fall. 

The idea that this is due to the brain doing some running repairs and probably not another TIA ( or worse) is very comforting! 


Nice attitude Donna. That attitude will serve you well during your recovery and during the next years when you are being "sensible" with your lifestyle and keeping your BP somewhere near to the right levels for you.

I have a handy curtain hold back that I hold on to for a few seconds before moving off.