i went to my local shop today i just did not feel right when i was their then felt a bit dizzy came home had a drink and felt better just a bit scary has anyone else felt like this

Dear Jenny

Yes indeed. I feel like that most times that I venture out. If you rest more and try to do things at a gentle pace then these dizzy spells will reduce. Maybe they will clear completely given time. Lets hope so

Please remember that the fact you go to your local shops is a big achievement. Many cant manage that. Like you, I go shopping but I  know I have to go steady. The lovely staff at the Co op supermarket know me and on the odd ocassion things have overwhelmed me, they will help. 

Keep at it. Smile a lot.


hi Jenny i have dizziness most of the time the room spins like when you had too much drink i had  my stroke in june and this is no better im on cinnarizine to help with this but it dont stop it i used to be scared but now i just aacept its the affects of stroke and another thing its left me with im not that lucky to go/out on my own yet lyndsay

thanks colin i try and go for little walks some days not far then come back and rest most of the time am ok

hi lyndsay it is scary i try and go to the shops with someone am trying to go for little walks each day am trying to do more but then getting plenty of rest i get tired in the afternoon hope you start to feel better soon lynnx

Its good that you keep all your muscles moving. A gentle short walk is ideal.

One thing I always do before going to the shops. I write down exactly what I need to buy and which shop(s) I need to go to. That takes a bit of the pressure off and reduces that overwhelming that can so easily arise.



i still panic when i go out as my site not too good now n i feel dizzy i know people say it will ease or go mine not eased or gone yes im looky and im glad im still here i just sit and wounder how im going to get through the day sometimes as it realy gets me down feeling dizzy world spinning and me walkin well woudering to one side what i hate the most is people thinking im drunk and offering me a chaair in middle of shop that realy hurts 


Its good that you accept the problems and try to live as best you can. Dizziness can be quite awful, but to have it every day is an extra bad suffering. 

I laugh about it now, but its not funny at the time....I have fallen over with dizziness when I am sitting down. 

I first ventured outside (like five paces down opur sideway), but on my own. I crave support, help and above all understanding, but I do find that we need to effect our own recovery. No one else really knows what you are going through. No one else can get your brain to work. Just you. 

Keep resting and keep trying. Things do get better, I romise you they do get better.


i can now laugh but sometimes i think there are alot of ignorant people /out there but then i think i bet i was like that i struggle every day with dizziness and the feeling of been drunk i guess im/a cheap date one lemonade n im all/ over lol its nice to hear that im we are not alone in all our difficulties and challangers we stoke surviours have to go through every day 



colin i allways write down what i need otherwise i will forget and come out with things i dont need

lyndsay can you ring your doctor you might need your tablets changing if their not helping dont go out if you feel like this your doctor should help

Iv been to doctors and seen my consultant all they can do is put me on this medication or try different once to try and reduce it I’m not allowed out on my own as I’m vunrable they say as I carnt cross rds and got social awareness anymore like stinks at minute but it’s baby steps that count 

Lyndsay x 

Hi lyndsay they might be best trying you on a diffrent one No dont go out it will take awhile but you will get their in the end dont worryx

Hi Jenny  I too get dizzy in shops. I find it gets less with time and the trick is to take it as a sign I have been doing too much. It’s 6 months since my stroke so I suppose it’s still a work in progress. Good luck. Isabelle

I had my stroke in October and I'm suffering with bad dizziness, even in bed, the consultant reckons it's vertigo ,I'm nervous going out in case I have a dizzy spell ,I'm finding this harder than my leg weakness x

Hi Jenny I have dizziness too, It feels like ive been drinking.I had my stroke last Aug. I get dizzy spells every day, I wear sunglasses around the house to keep the light out, which helps a bit too. Keeping still for a while also helps.I also except the fact its going to be a long process to stop feeling dizzy/drunk. Keep your chin up.

I have it if I rush or get anxious. Had a stroke in January. But getting better each day.

I too have dizziness after my stroke it was in 2013 I had the stroke and still feel dizzy and lightheaded  it’s a strange feeling  and makes me feel unsteady and not confident  am I on my own with this  


Dear Nannyfluff

Sounds just like stroke fatigue. You are not on your own. Loads of us are out here with the wrteched stroke fatigue. Have you linked the level of trouble with your sleeping patterns ? If I dont get my 7.5hrs night time sleep then the dizzy etc gets a lot worse. And do you nap during the day ? I do and I think my brain is turning me off.

So pleased you posted. Its good to hear from someone who is 5years+. Did you recover mobility and speech and hearing etc ? 

Anxiety and lack of confidence seem to follow strokes. And depression, mood swings and so on. And do you accpt you are a different person compared to before stroke.

Apologies. I am being nosey. 

Time to watch TV then its bed.




I suffered my stroke over 18 months ago now and still suffer with dizziness, the latest of which has now been for over a week. I try to lead a normal life (well as much as I can) but the dizziness recently has really got to me! I’m hoping to find a way coping better.