Dizziness tiredness for seconds…. Is this a TIA?

It’s like you’re going lightheaded but it’s over as quick as it starts. Then feeling of tiredness …… could this be a TIA or maybe menopause symptoms, I will sometimes be sat and just go hot and clammy.
Does this happen or happened to anyone else???

I had six cerebellar TIAs, symptoms for those were giddiness and feeling light-headed, only felt clamminess and hot flushes when I was anxious about the other symptoms. Problem with cerebellar related symptoms is that they can mimic so many other conditions. For cerebellar stroke or TIA, there are tests you can do … walking in a straight line, touching your nose with a finger and then placing that finger on an object, putting one foot in front of the other (toes to heel) and closing your eyes while counting to ten, being supine and rubbing the heel of the left foot up the calf of the right leg and vice versa. If you have any trouble doing these exercises it might be a clue. Otherwise, I would see your GP and give them a run down of your symptoms. The only other option is an MRI but they are hard to get referrals for. For other types of stroke, others here may be able to help.

@Rups thanks so much for that information. I can’t have MRIs anyway as I have a pacemaker. I will mention to my GP. I do have history of stroke on my dad’s side, he had TIAs and then a stroke and also his mother had a stroke. Yeah maybe the hot flushes were down to anxiety although didn’t feel too anxious at the time but yeah I guess It’s worrying when things happen.

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@Loshy thanks hun. Well I think I’m premenopausal. My period are scattered now but I haven’t gone a full year without one yet ( think last one was new year) but can just be sat and come over hot suddenly and that’s about all that happens really.