Diy sos

SA: I’ve tried to delete this message umpteen times and very annoyed that it is taking up valuable space. My apologies to other SS and carers. V&J 

I’m currently watching a rerun of this programme. How humbling and amazing. Charlotte from Monmouth coming home.......

Hi Veronica, sorry to hear that this message has caused you some frustration. Would you like us to delete it for you?

First of all, it had clicked on twice so I tried to delete one several times to no avail. The messages clog up very easily - just the 10 last posts - so I wanted to remove one. It really is a difficult site to navigate and newbies struggle a lot. I’ve had a private message from David P thinking he was posting on the Forum. I’ve given him some pointers but haven’t seen his post on the main board yet. 

Please delete my post, or at least one. I was just letting people know about the DIY SOS programme regarding the family who had twins and the mother immediately had a Stroke. 

Thank you,


Hi Veronica - I agree that only showing the last 10 posts is frustrating as this can be taken up with 2 or 3 people answering/replying on one query. Therefore, anyone new trying put a post on will not have their post seen and it will disappear into oblivion. This could put new people joining the site off completely if they don't get any replies because their post isn't showing on the main page. The previous system was much better where you could flick to the next page to see all the posts of the day rather than the last 10.

Classic example - I was looking for the thread about the trial on Stroke Fatigue that was on the front page yesterday - gone today. Only due to the length of time I've been on the site do I know to go into Forums and search for it under Volunteers.  If there's a quicker way to search for it, I've no idea how to do it!  Something that is SO important to stroke victims as we all suffer from it just disappears overnight.

Hi Veronica,

I understand how that would be frustrating. Thank you for letting us know about your experiences with the site. I've raised your concerns with someone in the development team.

Thank you. As a group we’ve been waiting for improvement to this site for several months. Hopefully, we will be able to use a much friendlier version soon, 


I have to say, as someone relatively new to the site, that I do find it awful to use.   Seems a shame, when the users are more likely than most to have difficulties that make it hard to use a computer, without having to wrestle with one that isn't easy!

Couldn't agree more, I've been chasing the top people of this site to abandon it and return to the previous format which was a world beater.