Disruptive night routine


I'm trying to care for my husband who had a stroke 2 months ago and has been home for 5 weeks now. He has now taken to a routine that includes a shower at 1.30 or 2.30 am, every night. Any ideas how I persuade him to wait until morning?

Thank you


Are you your husband's main carer? or does he have other carers who come in to help?

Does he require support from you with showering? You could contact Carer's UK to see if they have any suggestions as I am sure they have come across this before - https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice

Take care


Hi EJA, 

I just had a  thought you might be able to use your husbands desire to have a shower late a night or early in the morning to his advantage. This work  Deep Sleep comes as a pillow spray and a shower gel. A bit expensive but may using the shower gel would relax him and allow him to get off to sleep.  Might be worth a try.  

Kind Regards