Hi all, 

After 15 months in hospital and slow stream rehab, my husband is finally due to be discharged soon. I feel really anxious about lots of things so I'm hoping you will be able to ease my worries! 

Firstly, I'm worried about leaving him on his own when I return to work. I have two weeks off to settle him in and then he'll be alone a lot with carers coming in 4 times a day. How have you all coped with this? 

I'm also worried about the financial impact as we only have my salary to depend on. I'll be applying for PIP on his behalf but I've been told this might take a while to get sorted. 

Thank you.


I am assuming that it is right to have hubby home. Can he transfer is the big issue. 

PIP is notoriously slow. So apply immediately. Try to get assistance with this application. Maybe age uk or current carers. Or citizens advice.  If the first application is rejected go for a second application.

you must leave hubby on his own. I insisted my wife left for a minimum hour each day. She would have become stir crazy without a break.  One hour quickly advanced to three hours. I didn't have any carers, but managed well on my own. Gave me lots of goals to achieve. Hubby must make the effort or he will not improve. 




How has the stroke affected him? Is he able to walk etc?

Having careers coming in, might be  reassuring for you while you are at work.

We have been very happy with how much help we have got for our dad, who is now at home.

It is a highly anxious time, but I'm sure, like with all things, give things time to settle into a routine and hopfully it will be OK. 

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@JP81 I hope things are working out ok for you and your hubby.

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