Discharge dates

This week we have received the news that my partner will never likely walk again and her physio will end and a discharge date will be set. She is being given 2x carers four times a day. 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm. No care overnight which is when her pain starts. Is there any help we can get for the night or would we need to pay? My partner uses a return piece of equipment to get to toilet but the physio say this needs to be done by two people. I’m confused as to what happens when she comes home. If I’m alone with her most of the day she not going to be able to get to a toilet. Also, can anyone tell me when social services should kick in? Is this when she gets home? She’s on a lot of medicine, will the carers be responsible for this aspect? So many questions

Hi @Fledge
Sorry to hear you’ve got so many questions and haven’t got the answers.

I suggest your first points of contacts for advice on caring and support and benefits etc
should be

Finding adult social services,

Finding citizens advice bureau,

possibly age UK (You don’t say what age you’re partner is but if over 60… They have also a find help near me section on their homepage),

The Stroke Association help line.)

On the “never walk again” We have no details of your partners condition so it may well be the case. But be aware that the prediction has been made many many many times and proved to be quite untrue - But it does (normally) require hard work from motivation over a long period of time.

I hope you can find the information that you need - the above isn’t the full list just the starting points

You may also find that there is more discussion on here that will be relevant but you have to search for it with the magnifying glass that’s at the top of the page and then relevant words or phrases and read the posts, return and refine the search and that may zero in on the best information

Happy to help further if I can


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Hi Fledge
Have you got a hoist fitted ?

The guidelines I remember from hospital states it needs two people but I was never sure why.


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@Fledge i’m not an expert but I think carers are usually a maximum of 4 times a day which it sounds like you have.

I know when my dad had carers there was no overnight cover & my mum had to do everything. He had incontinence pads on the bed and mum cleaned him when needed. My mum also had to sort & give him his meds.

As @SimonInEdinburgh has said i woukd speak to adult social services & would also ask all the points you raise above with the hospital staff too.

My dad had a return thing too but my mum used to get dad out on her own…whether she should have or not is a different issue.

Sending you my very best wishes. Hope all goes ok.

Ann x

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@Fledge , I too was told that the return needed two people, however my husband’s arms are strong enough to pull himself up, and once strapped onto the return it’s ok for me to move him provided he doesn’t sag too much. He tries to help me, and succeeds most days, to keep his weight centred. I hope this helps?
We have the 2 carers 4 times a week, but our time is coming to a close. I believe we will then be means tested for ongoing care.

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