Disabled Toilet Key

Hi I was wondering if knows how to get a radar key for disabled toilets. The Borough Council told me ring the County Council, they told me to ring the Borough Council.

Have just been looking on Google, motobility radar key, not sure if this helps but can buy them online but need to make sure they are legit first

The Which website says the following:

You can order a Radar key from a number of organisations and retailers, including the Disability Rights UK website, the Blue Badge Company, Argos and Age UK. Only buy from a reputable retailer, so you can be sure the key is genuine.

They usually cost around £5, which should include the cost of delivery. If you are registered as disabled, you should be able to buy one VAT-free.

Can you get a Radar key for free?

You can, but this depends on where you live. Many local councils give them away for free or will charge a nominal amount for them.

You’ll generally need to apply with some form of proof that you qualify, such as a copy of a letter from your GP or a copy of your Blue Badge if you have one.

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I’ll 2nd @Mahoney 's sentiments too

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Here is a link where you can find RADAR keys:
RADAR keys

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Thanks alot everyone that has been a great help.

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