Please don’t mock me for being this way I never asked for it

Any one who mocks you shows a lack of basic understanding and shallowness. Do not give them listening courtesy. As Mahoney suggests can you try and get some help/ talk to someone? This is understandably troubling you.
Hope you are OK, Julia

I agree with Mahoney. You seem very low. No one should mock you. You must get help. Lilian

Have you tried to see a doctor

I agree that trying to see a doctor feels like climbing mount Everest in a snow storm at a time when you feel least able to do it but I have been there and eventually did manage to see my GP about my low mood. I genuinely felt it would have been better for everyone if I had died in the accident that resulted in my stroke. The GP can’t magically make things better but I am getting counselling and am on medication which helps me see that there is a future, there can be good days. I think everyone on here has experience of these feelings so you are not alone. Look after yourself, Julia

@Mickyboy it is very difficult to get to see a GP at the minute but please keep trying. I agree with everyone else that you seem low. Keep strong. You can do it.

People that mock are not worth any time or effort… You can hold your head up high and shout I’m a survivor. If you are struggling speak to your GP and maybe some counselling would help. I’m seeing a psychiatrist because I was in complete denial of my stroke. Sharon

Seems to have passed now will wait thanks