Disability Cost of living payment

Has anyone received their £150 Disability Cost of living payment yet?

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hi @RaksP i haven’t. I’m not entitled as on wrong type of benefit, and it can’t be changed.

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Hi, I haven’t received anything yet.

Regards Sue


@RaksP i have just read that payments are starting today & should be paid over the next 2 weeks.

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I am on PIP. My text says it will be paid sometime between 20 June - 4 July.

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Yeah I got the same text will definitely help at the moment :pray:t4:

Mone arrived this morning, same day my mortgage and council tax dds go out , so it got swallowed up quickly.

Hope yours cones soon for you.
My text said same as yours did

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Hi , I have just received my Cost of Living payment :slightly_smiling_face:


I received mine today as well :+1:

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I have first start getting disability after my stepfather

Yes, both me and husband got ours, few days back …

Me and God son pay both each $268.00 on rent no utilities