Dipyridamole anyone on it?

Advised could be an alternative to be taken with or without Aspirin to the Clopidogrel I am currently on? I asked about alternatives  due to a series of prolonged nosebleeds needing me to attend A&E several times in a month and causing me much trauma. Interested to hear from anyone on it.

Hi Carol Anne

I did try Dipyridamole when I asked for an alternative to Clopi which was causing really bad side effects that affected my daily life. I only tried it on its own as I wasn't on aspirin at the time.  I only took it for about a month and asked to come off that as well. The effects were the same for me as on Clopi but, on hindsight, it could have been the Clopi wearing off over that first month. Anyway, my GP asked the consultant if there was any other and she said she would be quite happy for me to be on Aspirin alone. I've taken 75mg of aspirin after my evening meal every night since and I am absolutely fine on it.  

Clopi did cause me to have bleeding of my gums profusely every morning when I flossed which took ages to stop so I feel for you with the nosebleeds. I think for some people, it is just too strong but it seems to be the one that is given automatically after stroke.  Dipyridamole may well work for you so worth giving it a try.