Digital skills

We recently published a blog about using the ICE (in case of emergency) and other similar features on mobile phones: Smart phone feature: In case of emergency (ICE) | My Stroke Guide

And while writing it, we wondered if there were other kinds of digital tools you would be interested in seeing featured like this?

Things like using or disabling location services, customising mobile data settings, etc. Let us know if the comments if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see and we can either share resources or write something. :slight_smile:


Location settings and customising mobile data settings would be really useful. It amazes me how often I get a message on my phone that tells me where I’ve been. I don’t mind it telling me but its who else it’s telling that I’m not sure about.
Cookies (the non biscuit variety) may be worth a mention too. How many of us accept all as we just want to finish what we’re doing and don’t take the time to check what we’ve agreed to.


Great ideas, thanks!

Good catch, thanks for that! I’ve added the link into the blog and copied it below for anyone who is interested.

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