Different strokes zoom (friday 9th april) - anyone that was at this zoom group, able to please reply to my message, thank you very much indeed, take it easy

Hi to everyone that was on the Zoom this friday afternoon.

I am sorry i couldn't stay long.  Is there anyway Julie or Karl could kindly send me a quick message.

Many thanks, would really appreciate this

Hi. I'm not sure what Zoom meeting you're referring to. There was a Different Strokes one on Friday. Was that it??

Hi pamela, thank u v much for the reply. Yes that it was the one i'm referring to please..

Ok. I can message Different Strokes for you if you like. You mention Karl and Julie but not the message????

Hi sorry Pam, yes please, preferably if Karl (from the Zoom meeting that took place this Fri 9th April, would be kind enough to message me pls, if not is Julie hopefully able to possiblly contact Karl and see if he is able to send me a quick message (was just preparing lunch).  Many thanks Pamela( ) appreciated, i am happy that my user details are given out to Karl, julie, Thank you

Hio again. Theywon't, I don't think, be on here as this is provided by Stroke Association. The meeting was a Different Strokes meeting. Are you able to get in touch with Different Strokes yourself? If not then give me your email address and 'll pass it on to them and ask them to email you.


BTW I'm nothing to do with either charity. just trying to be helpful.

sure, thank you v much, its all fine, thank you again