Did you receive support from a coordinator? Help us improve the letters we send

RoleServices Letter Review

We want to review the letters we send to people receiving our support services.

We want to hear your views on these letters and help us make any changes to improve them before we begin to use them.

We will share the letters with you in advance as well as showing them on the screen during the meeting.

  • Attend a one-to-one interview approximately 30-60 minutes on:

    • 12 January 1pm or 13 January 11am / 1:30pm
  • Online via Zoom.

  • We are looking for people who have been supported by our services e.g. Stroke Recovery Service, Communication Support Service. This means you had a coordinator from the Stroke Association who called or visited you to discuss your stroke and provide support.

How many roles available - 3

Contact: kate.bowen@stroke.org.uk