Did anyone notice @Mahoney seems to have gone

I might have got confused :thinking:

It seems we’ve lost another stalwart AND all their great posts like her ”letter of encouragement"



I know she took a step back a while back now. I hadn’t noticed she’d actually gone gone & it’s sad to see her go. She was definitely someone who helped me loads.

Hopefully she has just decided that she’s in a good place now & the time is right for her to move forward in her life.

I wish her well.


The user @mahoney and the posts seem to be gone :frowning:

I guess if you don’t know anymore then it isn’t that I have missed notification

most of us are where she was stepping back. She can only have gone for recently because I was looking at a post of hers in the last week I think

Sad to lose the posts
Has you say hopefully it marks a good development to her :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that @Mahoney seems to have left the group. She has replied to a number of posts I’ve written over the past five years.
Hope everything is ok with you @Mahoney if you see this post.