Hi does anyone know what Right anterior circulation TIA is or have been diagnosed with this??
If so, could this be why at times my left arm/leg can go icy cold but yet right side normal??

Shwmae @kazram, a right anterior circulation stroke or TIA is when the whole supply to that part of the brain has been disrupted rather than one or multiple areas. I don’t know about the icy, cold feeling you are getting but, from my experience, the brain is responsible for networking bodily functions and damage messes up that communication stream. For me, I treat it like intermittent malfunctioning. I had all sorts of physical anomalies such as overheating, sweats, pins and needles &c. Sometimes medication is responsible for certain side effects, but if you are concerned or it debilitating, check in with your GP.

Thanks for your reply @Rups

Thanks for your reply @Rups. Maybe the icy coldness could be down to anxiety , although I don’t really get that anxious or maybe like you say the meds side effects. It’s not dibilitating I was just curious to know really as the hospital just said the neck scan was ok and changing the meds and that was it

Shwmae @kazram, from what I have just gleaned, it may be a post-stroke condition called, “the cold hemiplegic arm”, associated with vasomotor abnormality. It may be something you may wish to bring up with your GP or if you have a stroke consultant. Medical professionals seem to neglect addressing morbidity after stroke, and we do acquire other conditions, some short lived, and others long term.