Had a major stroke in November and was told today that my left eye vision is too bad!!! Devastated 

Hello Edge,

You don't say what your left eye vision is too bad for, but I'll take a guess and assume it is to drive, which is a common challenge for people with vision deficits after a stroke.

Your left eye is, of course, still there and physically intact. The stroke has damaged the part of your brain that processes your vision.

All stroke survivors are different but it is still early days for you. After my stroke, I had lost quarter of my vision from both eyes and was unable to see in the lower left quadrant of my vision.  Nine years later, my vision was measured to be 93%. It is now only the inflexible attitude of the DVLA that prevents me having a driving licence again.

Losing my driving licence cost me my IT consulting business and livelihood. I eventually found paid employment where I did not need to drive.

At first I was told by Opthalmologists that nothing could be done and they discharged me immediately.   They were wrong. It did improve and in everyday life I have normal vision, other than being unable to see below my chin on my outer left hand side. Midgets approaching me quickly from that direction have a risk of being walked over.

In short, I can understand how devastated you feel. Things can and will improve.

Keep your chin up - if it was a major stroke, you might have been dead for three months by now. Others have not been so lucky.

Take care now,



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Hi Damian

Thanks for the reply. I keep getting things confused and my wife has told me the damage is to the left peripheral in both eyes. 
Your post has made me think it won't always be like this and my eyesight may improve. Like you I won't be able to drive again. 
It's nearly 3 months since I've had my strokes so I know it is early days yet.