Am feeling increasingly low 6 months after my stroke. Have taken a few faltering steps with the physio there but seem unable to go's then without her there! For y to his mean I won't progress? Feeling really low now! 

Dear Jane

of course you will progress. Your brain will carry on repairing for perhaps two years. And after that, you can still grind forward. So your lull at six months is a minor blip. 
stroke causes a lot of depression, but you can fight off the depression, dont let it get you down and dont let depression slow your recovery.

be positive. Smile a lot

you are not alone


Thanks Colin just very scared at the moment ! This is not the life I wanted !!


I am just coming up to 3 months and am feeling much the same. I am learning that all strokes are different. 

However, these ups and downs, slow progress, no progress, feelings of fatigue, low emotions seem to be common to all.

I think it is about determined steps/goals. Keeping some sort of diary/record. Remember what we can achieve and to try to look forward to what we will be able to do!

I think back to the first week in hospital when I couldn't speak, see properly, couldn't get out of bed, far less stand or walk!

Today I did some archery (at a beginners level) 

Archery was a big part of my life before the stroke - I was a county champion a few year's ago.

Today was a great achievement! I am trying to focus on now not the past.

Try to stay positive. You can do it!



Morning ,you will progress it's just baby steps,some people do advance quicker but be positive and embrace each tiny achievement,like what  fellow members suggest keep a journal and you will definitely see how things are getting better for you,stay positive and smile and say each day today is going to good day and you will train your brain to be positive wish you the best .....pippy ...

Dear Jane

emotionality is one of the symptoms post stroke. So we get tears, sometimes extreme laughter, and lots of irrational stress.


our nature changes. Sometimes a lot and sometimes a little. So perhaps you can start to form your revised nature....the new you.

doesnt need to be worse than before, there are the plus points. After all you (and me) were chosen to live where many have not.


Jane, in recovery terms six months is a short time. Moods also go up and down even after some time has passed. In terms of walking, try just to take a few steps by yourself indoors, using furniture for support. Then try adding a few more steps in a few days and built up from there. When I had physio at home I was given 'homework', including exercises done lying on the bed.

Unfortunately, in these strange times, there is not much support out there. If you work at it, you will improve, but low moods don't necessarily go away. Unfortunately, others cannot always see what you really feel. I know I have come a long way in five years, but knowing that doesn't help when a black mood descends.

Stay strong.

Thanks so much xx

Hi sending you a big hug. Feeling despondent is part of loss and accepting a new situation. Can you remember back to times in your life you helped someone get over something or strengths you have gained from different life circumstances? I have gained a new respect and understanding for others and a gratefulness I didn’t fully understand post stroke. Being frustrated or uncertain of our future are mental obstacles to overcome I know you will move on from this. Seek counselling if you think you need it CBT can be a positive experience. We all have potential in us we don’t yet recognise.

Hello Jane, 

After six months I hit a slump, they say that neuroplasticity does its main job in the first six months and then progress slows down a bit. A bit of reflection doesn't go astray, no matter how small the results. It took me six months not to have to count to three before lifting my leg and putting on my socks. I can do that now without the countdown. That's progress! Say if it takes two years to get back on track, in that time keep on working on your treatements but also do other things you can do to reward your time over the recovery period. These might be things you might not have done pre-stroke but achievements none-the-less. My plan is to complete my reading list for the year, write some stories, build a model castle and paint some miniatures. That's it, and work on my recovery. I believe that the smaller the expectations, the greater the feeling when they are met. 

Take care.