Desperate for help

My friend had a stroke 2 weeks ago he was 46, fit and healthy otherwise. After 2 operations he is off the ventilator and off sedation for a week but it isn't clear he has woken up. With coronavirus issues his wife can't see him and doesn't get any updates from the hospital. It's likely he's waking and noone is there!! I keep reading that first few months are critical for recovery. What can we do?? He might be waking and wondering why everyone had deserted him he won't know about the lockdown and seems noone has spoken to him if he's been awake. It's appalling and awful beyond belief. No information from doctors. No medical reports so we can't even find out how medical and health insurance can help. Is anyone in the same boat or can provide advice? Would be very grateful

Hi DB.

This is a truly desperate situation, but, alas, one we are going to have to deal with. There is nothing that you can do. I hope that you hear some news soon.  Take care.


Dear DB

Stroke gets all ages. Including babies and children. Most of us survivors were indeed fit and healthy.

It is often thought that the first month is critical. Survive the month and the probablity is that you wont pass away from stroke.

Recovery does come faster in the first six months and will often trundle along for two years. But the main point is that it is never too late to recover. Recovery can be had years further on.

About 4 of every 5 strokes is ischemic, eg we are clots. About 1 in 5 is haemorrigic eg they are bleeds.

A reasoned guess is that your friend could be a bleed.

There is nothing more you can do. Perhaps concentrate on support for his wife.

I was only in hospital for a few days, but I did not enjoy visitors. All I wanted to do was have quiet and then to practice getting my limbs to move. Visitors hours were traumatic. 

A stroke changes the survivor in an instant. The change is permanent. We dont "get better" we dont get back to normal. We do however recover to be a new person.

If you think about it, thats exactly what this virus is doing to everyone. Its a permanent world change. we wont get better. we dont go back to normal.

Best wishes