Hello Everyone,

 I'll go over this subject fairly quickly and without much depth. As a SS I have full mobility and my eyesight together with my speech are almost back to normal. I'm not too sure whether  anyone else on this site is currently experiencing the symptoms I am. But I'm going through a lot of depression since having my stroke. I was wondering if this is something that is normal and can be expected after a stroke? I'm trying to keep my sense of humour, as I believe it helps me to overcome my problem, I'm wondering whether I should see my GP? Although I don't want to be dependent on anti depressants. 

Can anyone express an opinion out there?


This is not uncommon, my husband suffered the same, having never had any issues prior to the stroke.  It was very scary as it was quite extreme, and at the time he felt that he would possibly take his own life.  I contacted the nurse who had been part of his early discharge programme, and ... long story short ... he was offered counselling.  He didn't in fact take it up, as the worst seem to pass, but knowing the support was there if needed, really helped.  Many on this site have received counselling, and advocate that to help navigate the emotional disturbance caused by stroke.  

Sense of humour helps but you can't always generate the laughs when you're feeling so desperate.


In my opinion, there is no straightforward answer as we are all individuals who react differently to the cards we are dealt.

I had a TIA 4 years ago, and although the physical effects repaired quite quickly, I am still coping with bouts of low confidence, self doubt, lapses in memory, occasional word blockage when writing or speaking, and (most annoyingly) forgetting or mixing up names.

One thing I have tried really hard to maintain is a sense of humour. In no way am I suggesting that this replaces proper treatment for clinical depression (that's definitely a job for the professionals), but it helps me keep things in perspective and reduces the chances of my mood dropping.


Here's a link to how I try to keep my spirits up:

Hello Adrian,

Thank you for your kind post,I have clicked on the site details, and it does make interesting reading and it also gives me a great deal of hope and confidence. Mental health issues were something I have never actually had before my stroke, but with both my parents passing away a few years ago,together with some very serious family issues haven't helped.





Hello NicABella21,

Thank you for your kind post, I have an appointment up at my local hospital to see the stroke consultant soon. Hopefully I can get some related treatment? I've just mentioned in another reply, that both my parents died a few years ago and I've had some very serious family problems. This of course doesn't help just after having my stroke,(maybe in my subconscious mind?)Hopefully I'll be ok given time?

Brugge x

This is what happened for my husband, he didn't see a stroke consultant for about 4 months, and this was only following a long and tearful conversation with one of the nurses in the stroke team.  It's pretty awful that we have to wait so long and have to fight so hard.  I think I would have definitely taken the opportunity for counselling, but we're all individuals and my husband decided he'd be ok (very brave as I was looking after him at the time devil).  So hope you're offered specialist support and that it works well for you.


Hi. I'm Jackie. I had a stroke last April. Depression is normal after having a stroke. I did start medication and counselling for it. It helps to talk. My parents, especially my mum have had a lot of my tears to deal with. It's still hard especially with the tiredness. The stroke team did refer me to a stroke counsellor but I didn't find him any useful, but the one through the go was better. Hope this helps.

Hello Jackie, 

Thank you for your kind reply to my post.I must admit I've never experienced such 'dark' depression ever before. I've spoken to others close to me which  has definitely helped. And it seems to come and go now. But it  certainly must of been because of my blood clot. I've come to the conclusion, that most serious head injuries may cause some depression of some kind, and hopefully in  a few more months I should be back to pre stroke days? I think you must think positively and be surrounded by people who you can talk to. Always reminding yourself, this is only temporary, I'll be much better soon.



Im feeling desparate 30 years of being me I'm so tired living with stroke and dystonia I'm on Prozac and beat blockers to curb anxiety and depression but I just still feel so fed up with myself how do you find counselling or anyone that can help or understand? Hence I've come here see anyone else fed up xx

Hi I think all us stroke survivors feel like you do at some time or another, but i think we just find something to focus on to deal with it.  I talked alot to my stroke coordinator she really helped me.  So why not give the stroke helpline a ring they will put you in touch with your local group and if there isnt one they will listen and try to help you.

I was low for quite a while but now that I am doing 5 hours a week at my job after being off for a year, I feel so much better.  May be you could do some volunteering getting out and meeting new people may help.

Good luck


I was depressed before i had stroke. But when i woke up in the hospital & saw my son & my husband crying as the doctor is trying to get their signature for the waiver for my brain operation if i will not be totally conscious on the third day, i feel like i am so lucky even if i can’t feel my left arm & leg. so my being sick cured my depression. it was my third day & i asked for my phone to check my face coz it’s feeling so thick & numb luckily i got a friend with me & borrowed her kit. i have to fix myself so my family & friends won’t worry abt me.

My husband had a stroke at the end of June and has been very depressed ever since. He thought that once he he got home he would feel better but sadly this has not been the case. He says that the thought of life as it is for years to come is unbearable. OT and the GP are aware of this and are providing support as I feel helpless.