I am lucky! 5 weeks ago I suffered a TIA and apparently, physically,  I seem to have  emerged from the experience relatively unscathed.  However, usually a strong and positive person, I have been utterly surprised by the low mood, emotion and tearfulness I am experiencing, I have been frightened by the lightheadedness and dizziness I feel.  The NHS and my local GP team have been fantastic, it seems everything has been checked and double checked, but no one warned me about the potential for feelings of depression or dizziness.  Tonight I decided to do something positive and I turned to the internet for reassurance and knowledge  (knowledge is power right?).

My grateful  thanks to you all for your stories, which have made me realise so many things; that I am indeed lucky, that the feelings I am experiencing are normal and that they will probably pass, that I am not alone and certainly not the youngest. My heart goes out to you all who have described the life changing results of your strokes, the determination and positivity with which you are approaching your recovery and your willingness to share your experience with others is truly inspirational.

I wish you well. Rose ?

Hi Rose, Thanks for sharing your experience, and pleased to hear that you have found support and reassurance from stories on this site.  It has helped me enormously, and allowed me to put things into perspective.  

You may well be able to access some counselling, I know a lot of people have found that a really helpful strategy.  You will continue to improve, don't forget to be kind to your brain and allow it to rest and recover smiley

Best wishes 

Thank you, I am already feeling a little stronger and I have started the counselling ball rolling. Your comment and therefore ‘permission’ to be kind to and rest the brain, is also helpful and very encouraging. Many thanks Rose

Stay strong, thinking of you x