Dental injections

Has anyone had any problems with local anesthetic at the dentist since their stroke?  I had root canal work on Wednesday and I feel really, really tired and heavy headed.  I've to go back next week for part two of the treatment and dreading it.

Poor you! Hope you feel better soon. ??

Hi O&U - did you tell the dentist about your stroke?  Maybe he can use a different cocktail next time? I remember I once had similar symptons following a local, but I put it down to feeling very stressed and all the adrenalin, but we all react differently, and I think it's worth mentioning to your dentist if he's about to give you another dose before you've got over the first one.  ? Good luck 

Hi - It was a new dentist I haven't seen before. I just assumed he'd read up on my notes before he saw me but I'll definitely mention it  when I go back.  It could be the combination of the pain over the weekend and the stress of having to have it done.  It's my first filling for 12 years so a long time since I had an injection. I had two injections actually - one either side of my mouth so could be that.  I keep trying to repeat to myself it's mind over matter and I'm imagining it. Maybe it could be with keeping my neck bent back for so long that's done it.  Whatever was in it has certainly made me sleep that's for sure!

Maybe a combo of all of those things?  Hope next week is less hassle ?

Hope you feel better soon. V&J