Deciding when to spend £ post stroke 😂

Post stroke, deciding when & if to spend £ . Ie . , to start with NO ! will bounce back & be better soon :grin: . Then , OK but just the cheapest plastic grab rails, ( later, to be replaced by steel, I can swing on. )
Lounge armchair , when bought, thought trendy! NOW, far too low, no arm rests, how times change. Can’t accept my wife lifting me out of it anymore. Not ready for power tip you out version, as suggested. Willing to spend £ now, 3 years on , on various that will help, in this for the long term now. Thinking quality high seat, arms to help push myself up . Separate foot stool, why do I now, find it better to put legs up ? Looking at Parker Knoll Oberon. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks David.


@David3 if it was me I think I’d spend my money on something that suits now but will also suit into the future. I know we don’t want to accept that things might not improve but no harm in being prepared just in case. I’m having the same dilemma over my car at the minute. I can’t lift my leg so can’t use the clutch but am hoping for improvement. But how long do I leave it before I bite the bullet and buy an automatic…then there’s the battle with hubby as our car has low mileage & not ready to be changed. Oh what a dilemma :thinking::thinking:

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Hi David. I accepted a power lift you up . You don’t always have to use it but it is handy on occasions. The chair is very comfortable, especially if you feel like a snooze! It’s not just for lifting up but also for lying down. Love Lilian

We recently went a bit mad and bought a 3seater settee which is like an elephant in our small flat.sofa
We took a while to decide about it but both ends are recliner and the bluetooth connection means I can hear TV better. However, last Xmas we took advantage of the January sales price, a senior citizen discount and three years interest free terms. and took the plunge.
It has been a great asset, over the last few months my wife with a broken rib found sleeping with the recliner much more comfortable than a bed. Previously I had blood pressure problems for a while and found sleeping with my head higher than my heart was very necessary so the recliner was the ideal option.

I say, Spend the money and enjoy life. My husband put up fancy handrails on our stairs for when I came home. I really don’t need them now, but I still like them and use them. If you don’t need the things you get in the future, so what? You’ll have made your life easier and safer for the time when you did need them. And, you’ll probably still get use from the new items. Anyway, that’s my two bits. :money_mouth_face:

Hi , Pre stroke due to problems with feet , difficult using car clutch. My wife absolutely didn’t want automatic. Bought one brilliant, for both . Post stroke, struggle with mobility scooter, couldn’t poss manage any car . Never really the macho man , type, didn’t really enjoy driving. Hope car works out OK for you. David.

Hi , THANKS, poss spoil myself & buy traditional chair . Justify myself, by saying no holidays, 3 years. Barely left house, so OK. :grin: . David.

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Hi Lilian , hoping you’re on the mend again. Life can be cruel. Read various reviews, as always positives & negatives. Concerned if problems. Do you mind me asking model & cost. Good speaking David.

Hi Deigh, Looks serious! Good for you. I spend so much time in bed , don’t want to sleep in chair. But for you sounds, good investment. Good speaking David.

@David3 thank you. I never enjoyed driving but we live in an area where driving is a must. I’m sure I’ll convince hubby that automatic is the way forward…if only because it means he won’t have to drive me everywhere :rofl:
Best wishes x


Hi , Surprising how get enjoyment from simpler things now. Feel I am more in the real world now. Good talking David.

Hi David. I feel much better thank you. I am learning to walk again but slow progress… . Recliners Ltd is the company and our model is the Buckingham. We bought them from our local disability shop and are very pleased with them. My husband got one too although he didn’t really need one. Love Lilian

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Is there an Independent Living Centre near you? They will have a wide range of options that you can try to find what suits and is comfortable.
If you find you don’t need in future you could always sell it on.

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My relax and recline G Plan. electric chair came from the Heart Foundation Charity Shop £150. Good as new. You don’t have to use the rise help bit unless you want to as it will reset to normal arm chair height. The toilet frame is most useful to as need arm rests to push on to stand. Have just been given an alarm bracelet to wear in case I fall. Don’t really want it but realise pride isn’t going to help if I do fall. I think we all have to accept that it is wise to do what ever we can to future proof our lives as much as possible and save our families from worry . Marylin

Hi Marilyn, All good ideas, I am GREATFULL for my wife. DIY alarm system. Cordless door bells, one strapped onto me if outside other 4 pushes around bungalow. System works well, try not to send my wife, crazy, with too many ding , dongs . :grin: . David.