Dear Americans and Canadians

A Happy Thanksgiving USA members and a belated Happy Thanksgiving To Canadian Pals.
Here is what my turkey said:


We are celebrating with Orange Chicken and Fried Rice, as well as Potstickers on the side. Non-traditional, but good stuff. I suppose we are thankful that we can afford the cheap stuff made in China, even though buying American is out of our range. LOL


WE are having an Oven Stuffer Roaster DeAnn…good flavor and moist unlike Turkey.

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What is one of them???


I don’t know what that is either, but I do know turkey has no flavor and is dry as a bone. All that work is basically for tradition and how pretty it looks once it is cooked. If I make one, I lay a slab of ham over it while roasting, then salt it like the sea! Not fond at all of turkey.


Simon and DeAnn: oven stuffer roaster is a great big juicy chicken.
Perdue makes them DeAnn.

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Spatchcock your turkey to keep the flavour and moisture.
It is often done with chicken but will work with turkey too.
Or as a friend of mine would recommend, put together a nut roast.

Here in Britain we consume these at Christmas.

Our equivalent to Thanksgiving is the Harvest Festival. It is a sort of religious charity event in Autumn. Non-perishable items are taken to the Church by the congregation to be collected together and blessed, then distributed to those in need.

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving gathering.

I will bow to @BakersBunny superior culinary knowledge to mine…

She tells me that turkeys were an import and “that Henry the 8th was the first British monarch to enjoy turkey on Christmas Day”

Us peasants ate goose at least until the 19th or 20th century .

And Mrs H delivers a moist bird by wrapping it in muslin & other clever culinary manipulations that she can detail if she wants…


I think muslin was also used in making a “Clootie Dumplng”…something I cherished as a child.
Bobbi, thanks for your well wishes. I must have put on 2 pounds with all I ate yesterday.

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I shove sausagemeat between the skin and breast (bit like a turkey boob job :see_no_evil:) keeps it pretty moist


Never made a cloutie, but have scoffed some with lashings of custard :yum:


My Aunt used to make Rhubarb and custard…YUMMY


@SimonInEdinburgh says that the best use of turkey is in turkey sandwiches with lots of Branston pickle


I love turkey & like @DeAnn we usually put ham / bacon over it. I also cook it upside down to help the juices run through the meat. Baste often & sometimes put butter between skin & meat.

@Outlander rhubarb & custard is yum. I love rhubarb crumble too. Not too much sugar as I like the fruit to have a little bite.

A belated happy thanksgiving to everyone.

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