Dealing with plans changing

I regard myself as being a lucky ones, as I’m not physically restricted, however I do have ‘mental restrictions”. One aspect is , that prior to my stroke 15 months ago, I  could just take things in my stride, bordered on horizontal chilled out. I now find that if even simple things change plan, then I struggle with it. In some ways it could be likened to stress. I become dizzy, headachie, then usually disproportionately irritable.   Does anyone else find this? Do you have any techniques for managing it?

and it's the smallest of things. It's like I can't cope with the headache and become very snappy! It feels like my brain is on fire and even blinking hurts!! I just put myself to bed and sleep it off when possible and increase my water intake. My stroke was 6 months ago and I too count myself as lucky as I only lost my left side for 3 months. After reading other posts, I'm hoping these symptoms will also fade in time!!

Hi Jane - so sorry you are finding things difficult at the moment. I agree that all this virus 'disruption' to our routine is not good for us but sadly necessary to save us.  I can't understand why the hospitals are cancelling everything.  They have got the extra staff they needed from all the people who were retired that have gone back, they have got the beds in the Nightingale hospitals built and being built so why not keep all the people isolated with the virus in the Nightingale hospitals and deep clean the NHS hospitals so that they can carry on with normal daily routine life?  Or is that me being too logical?  They keep saying they have spare capacity in the hospitals so I cannot understand why all the poor people in care homes that are struggling to breathe aren't having an ambulance called for them to go into hospital.  

What I wanted to say to you was I am also on amitriptyline but for nerve pain 10mg.  I wanted to reassure you that they do work. They are primarily used for anxiety/depression but in small doses they also work on nerve pain too. It takes slightly longer for it to kick in for nerve pain - I was told around 6 wks but in reality it took 8wks, but they work a bit quicker for anxiety so do stick with them. They are taken at night and give you a wonderful nights' sleep.

I hope you get seen soon. Not suprised you're getting anxious.  I would be too.

I can only take the 10mg but I've been on them a year and, apart from a dry mouth at night in the early days, no other side effects. I always take a pint glass of water to bed with me just in case. It does go off though as your body gets used to it. I take mine around 7pm at night and by 9pm. I'm nodding off.  It's great for having a good night's sleep.

A couple of months ago, the chemist tried switching me to another brand which piled on the weight. I complained and said I wanted the brand the neurologist gave me and not a 'Netto' version.  (They hate me in Boots!) I'm only 5ft so can't afford to put on half a stone just because it saves them a few quid.  I quickly lost it once I got back on to the usual brand which is by Accord.  Hope you get on OK with it.

Take care. x