Dealing with noise

I still have an issue with sensory overload, particularly background noise, which makes me avoid public transport. 
im looking at getting some headphones, and to be fair, I'm confused ? 

it seems noise cancelling is mainly when you have music etc being fed through.

I'm sure there's something that you can use that uses battery power to effectively cancel out background noise even when no music etc is being played. I.e. you put them on and its quieter 

does anyone have any experience of headphones like this


My friend has these noise cancelling headphones and they are very effective. Absolute silence. No music required. But beware, you dont hear anything. So a bus will easily run you over before you know its there.

Hers are Bose I think. And were a bit pricy. But they certainly work.

I had issues with hearing. My brain had forgotten how to process an echo. So if I went to anything that had a microphone (Always there is a slight echo) then I became totally overwhelmed. As soon as I identified the issue, my brain started to work on echos and after a few weeks I could attend whatever I wanted.


You could look at the Sony WH-1000XM3 which have bluetooth connectivity and have excellent reviews. Although quite expensive new around £250 odd they are now being listed 'as new' secondhand at around £180 at the moment. If you wait a few weeks this price will probably fall a bit more as we move out of Chirstmas period. Place to look is the usual on-line auction site.

I know how you feel can't stand too much noise. Or. Flashing lights 

Carl dropped a knife on our wooden kitchen floor a couple of weeks ago and I was instantly in a really bad mood. I slammed my good hand on the worktop and amongst expletives tried to explain why I was so angry when I didn't even know why!

Sensory overload is what it is. 

You can't really avoid it because can it happen anywhere, at any time, you have to deal with it when it does happen, and that's each and everyone's different way of dealing with it.

Worst place for me is in the supermarket. I just grip the handles and hope it goes quieter soon.

Sorry for the delay in replying. I so understand the supermarket thing.  Unfortunately it's a work thing for me too as I work in a busy office - or should say used to.  My employer is currently fighting with our income protection firm (who seem to think I'm ok to go back into this environment even though their own report says my employer should give me quiet area to work- which is impossible)