Dealing with Dad’s passing


my Dad died of a large stroke a few months ago but I wanted to reassure those going through the same thing..He was 81 and had a good active life.. he was unconscious so not aware in the last few days but cared for exceptionally by the medical teams.. at his passing there seemed to be a kind of higher power that came into the room and just moved his spirit to another place.. it was very calm and in a way a huge relief..At his funeral a white butterfly flew over us and since everywhere we have travelled a white butterfly has appeared even in the strangest of places.. We were lucky to have such a great Dad and Grandad .. don’t be afraid, ask the doctors anything you are concerned about, talk to your loved one, just be there.. they will surely know.. take care xx



That is amazing and also reassuring, Jules. What special memories you must have. Thank you for sharing this with us. That butterfly has an astonishing way of re-emerging, hasn’t it? X V&J 


Thank you for a lovely post Jules.

Dear Jules

Sorry to hear that you have lost your Dad. As you say, he went peacefully. I support your notion that the spirit travels away from our bodies. And on to a new place. Stroke started to take me away but for whatever reason I came back. And yes, my spirit travelled out of my body.

Best wishes and thank you for taking the trouble to post


Beautiful x