Dead arm involuntary movement

My dead left arm moves when I yawn,

Anyone else seen this on either side.

The article is interesting but doesn’t leave me with much to go on.

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Not so much with yawning, but my leg jerks when I sneeze. I have learnt that I need to hang onto something solid when I sneeze to avoid falling over.

Very interesting,thanks for sharing my arm swings inward to my groin and attacks me ,all very weird how are bodies rewire themselves.

Hi, My left arm moves when I yawn, cough or sneeze. Also if I’m standing up and need to cough or sneeze I have to make sure there is something to hold onto.
All very strange !!!

Regards Sue

When I sneeze/cough knowing it’s polite to put your hand over mouth/nose I usually miss the later & slap my forehead/cheek … no thanks to my body tremor . So can be funny & embarrassing at the same time …


Yes Sue our broken brains and their rewiring is most confusing, hope some day soon it all works much better for us all

Yep, thought it was just me ! When I yawn the left hand (affected side) tremors uncontrollably for the duration of the yawn. Have to hold it still with the good hand. Still happening 6 years post stroke. Also terrible night time cramp in left calf, which I obviously cannot stretch independently, so have to wedge the right foot under the left toes to stretch the cramp out of it. And as someone else has said, sneeze and I have to make sure Im sitting down or holding on to something sturdy. So many challenges. :frowning:

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It only happens when I am laying in bed first thing in the morning. My elbow bends and my hand clenches into a fist. As soon as I stop yawning it goes back to ‘normal’ and the rest of the time it is fairly relaxed. Maybe not as rare as the article states.

Sorry to hear it , same for me but at17 months in I have to live without ABIT longer to say for sure

This happens to me - also on the left arm.I mentioned it to the doctor/physio in hospital but they didn’t seem overly interestedmy fingers that are almost permanently curled up, straighten out during the yawn as if I’m trying to do a salute

Hi Jordan, got air con in Mini :joy: . One handed eating. As recommended by you . Knork don’t really know why , but yes working well . Although my wife still cuts most food. Better than spoon. Good speaking David.

Hi David3
Yup my Mini has air/con if it was only hotter I’d use it :upside_down_face: ….
a wonderful device & very Thirsty in drinking up petrol when in use so for that reason with the price of petrol right now I’m happy to have both windows down :+1:t6:
Wonderful news your Knork arrived. Reading your txt I get the impression you find the device a great help even more so your wife cutting up the meal making I bets your dinner hassle free & yummy .

Keep on enjoying your Knork meals :grin:

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Have you tried cutting up your food using scissors? You have to keep swopping between scissors and fork, but it would give you more independence if your wife isn’t around.

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Hi , Janet, Must say I am spoilt. If on my own, plan food carefully. Scissors, not sure. Thanks David.

And here am I patting myself on the back for making beans on toast,. Total amatteur I am .all power to you wonderful SS

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