Day to day confusion

Hi, this is my first post.  I think I had a stroke 3 yrs ago.  My mind excluded, I'm physically OK now, I used to get very tired, had one eye on the pot and the other up the chimney and my memory was shocking.  Three years on, I think that's how long it is and my physical problems are all behind me, it's just my memory that's still a problem, including spelling so please make allowances if you spot anything.  I can, and often do, check details like when I had my stroke but thought it would be better showing my actual unassisted problems here and to be honest cannot be sure which year it was, I only know it's 2019 now as my PC has a date in the corner.  I used to be an IT consultant involved with large database projects, working all around the UK and a couple of years in mainland Europe.  I'm now starting to look for work but trying to find a job where a memory isn't required is quite difficult.  Sorry if i've waffled on, in conclusion but I would love to make contact with others suffering and share problems and hopefully solutions.

Geoff, Welcome to the forum. You have obviously been through a great ordeal and are now physically better than you were. My stroke was also three years ago, although after my retirement, so I had no work to worry about. Initially there were concerns over my memory, but I eventually got an appointment with a neuropsychologist. That took ten months and, by then, my memory was fine. Others on this site can probably give you better advice. And...don’t worry about waffling as we all are inclined to do this at times.

Hello Geoff, I can understand how you feel as I also have short term memory loss following a lacunar infarct in February 2018 I also had an episode of high blood pressure in 2017 which I think contributed to the stroke.It affected my memory badly to begin with. It’s very frustrating when you can’t remember what the date is when it was second nature to you, you end up constantly checking things. I do think my memory is improving although it will never be as good as it was.

I also have SF (stroke fatigue) which comes on without warning, although I am finding I have it more if I’ve overdone things the day before. Lots of stroke survivors seem to have stroke fatigue and we learn from each other how to cope with it. I find my memory is so much worse when I have SF and it’s so frustrating not being able to recall simple facts which were once second nature to you - today I’ve struggled with the day and date. I find the frustration of not being able to remember makes the SF a bit worse as well.

I think you could still do some data input or something similar where you followed a list if you want to stay in the same line of work.  I’m sure there will be someone on here with some ideas for you. I’m retired from work and know I could not have coped with my work now. 

Hope this helps but I’m sure others will reply to you as well.


Dear Geoff

I keep diaries running. And one of them is for info that I keep forgetting. It is reassuring for me.

Also, maybe you would find life easier if you accept that you are now New Geoff and Old Geoff has gone and will not be coming back.

I am an FCA but its hopeless trying to do any tax work etc. So I do empathize with your work situation. Shame because I have retired and would have helped as a volunteer. And days before the stroke got me, I had trained and was about to start chaperoning vulnerable adults. I hated letting them down.

What I can do is make tea, wait on tables and also I do about three hours a month in a voluntary admin job. The admin job stretches me to my limits. Pre stroke I could have done the job with ease. Making tea pushed me hard at first, but now I can remember the orders most of the time and can now always cope.

Things do get better Geoff. And please continue to share the real you with us. Only another SS can understand.


Hi John

Many thanks for your response, much appreciated

Hi Ann

Many thanks for your response, it sounds like your symptoms were very similar to mine and if I'm tired my memory moves from shocking to atrocious but luckily I've been getting great support from family members and friends around me which has helped immensely.  And you're right, others have replied, I'm working throught them now to thank them for their support.  I don't know if the same has happened to you but my spelling is now terrible, but what a wonderful invention the internet is for checking stuff.


Hi Colin

Many thanks for your response, it's good to hear there's light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's a slightly different shade.  I've started looking for work today and have realised that I'm going to be looking at quite a lower level of job from the jet setting IT consultant I used to be but I've also realised that doing nothing at all will not aid my recovery so I'm broadening the search to contain virtually everything.  Good luck for the future.