David's little helpers . 😁

4.5 Years after CEREBELLAR STROKE. Purchases that have helped. Interested in other peoples ideas. Had no improvement. Possibly mistake to buy cheap, to begin with, believing, this was temporary. :rofl: . Only to then buy again. Mostly house bound, my excuse, now is, not spending on previous stuff, if it helps me ok , tend to spend on better quality, now . Rated items out of 5* s . Top of list, is my wife, love her , but dislike being reliant on her . So some items avoid this . Yes have spent a lot , always cheaper versions.

Disabled shower room, used to be builder, bathroom fitter, expected completion, summer ! Needless to say everything has to be PERFECT, for me .Mira , Flush to floor tray, fixed shower seat , full refit .Will be a Massive help . Presently, using bath , with seat & board. STRUGGLING. 5*

Franke,stainless steel ,grab rails, fixed securely . Poss x 8 . Bedroom & bathroom. Replacement of cheap, (temporary! Plastic. ) 5*

Leki Wanderfreund, walking sticks, 4 around Bungalow. 5*

Balance Tray, one handed, no spill , tray . Expensive. 5*

Acre Ultralight rollator. Expensive. Replacement of cheap version. 5*

Parker Knoll, leather high back chair, now manage , to get up, with no help. 5*

Bungalow, blessed to be living in, before stroke. 5*

Little Giant, Jumbo steps, with hand rail . 5*

Honeywell wireless doorbells . 4 around house & garden, use for help & as many would understand, MASSIVE, peace of mind . 4*

Sensor lights & small plug in night lights. 4*

Samsung tablet. Can not manage going to shops. 5*

Large bath towels , keep me warm, better than blankets , when sitting up , or on scooter. 4*

Luggie, mobility scooter, replacement of cheap previous one .
Do not believe the hype , they all promise. Also for me , more about my capabilities. Thought it would give me freedom, but NO ! 4*

Comfy bed & pillows , every day in bed 3 hrs , dreaded FATIGUE, NO IMPROVEMENT. 4*

Strong , secure outdoor chairs. Try to sit in fresh air, whenever possible. Seems to clear my head a bit ? 4*

Pens & notepads everywhere, struggle to talk, mostly processing conversations & to do . 5*

Zip up leather boots. No laces . 5*

Knork , ( fork , knife, one handed) 5*

Sunglasses, earplugs, light & sound sensitivity. 4*

Sorry started to get bit boring now :rofl: .

Might be helpful ?

For some / things do not improve. But SO BLESSED , to be here & also not worse. 4th Xmas.
David .


@David3 I love that you have your wife top of the list. :grin:

I was fortunate that we had a downstairs bedroom & bathroom with walk in shower before my stroke. It was a godsend after stroke.

I’m going to look into the doorbells as I can’t get to the door quick enough & visitors have usually done a runner by the time I get there. Frustrating not only because I miss out on visitors but the effort it takes to get there.

Thank you for sharing.

Merry Christmas to you too :santa::santa::santa:


That’s a great idea. I’ll have to sort one out.