Thank you so much!  Really appreciate your kind words!  Agree about harsh lessons.  As you know, also had a benign brain tumour, and broke my hip in April = in York on the first night of my holiday!  Meetings and lunch appointments all had to be cancelled at the last minute, and was in York Hospital, obviously.  All hospitals in Yorkshire were terrific, but this was by far the best!  Mind you, was only in for a fortnight haha!

Never thought of that, cheers!  Must have born a fighter, like you/all of us.  I am a Libran (always thought that made me sound like an alien - love it haha!).  The scales of justice were brilliant for me, when I worked in the law!  Also choosing whether I lived or died, I guess, but disability was always my worst nightmare.  Why I fought so hard to overcome total paralysis etc. smileyyes  IN YOUR FACE MARK STEAD!

Thank you for asking to be my friend.  You beat me to it!!!!  Really appreciated your v kind words.

Hey, as a New Year resolution, am going to ask a guy out, for the first time since I've been disabled!  Am so nervous, as lost a lot of confidence after Billy passed.  Also, I don't feel attractive like this..........Everyone tells me I am, but I DON'T FEEL IT!  Hopefully, it won't be too long, and will keep you posted haha!

Have a fantastic 2020.  Peace and best wishes.  Carole x heart

You go girl!  As they say in Wakey, if you don't ask, you don't get LOL! Happy New Year to you too x

Squeal!  THANK YOU!!!  He is called Jim, and is a taxi driver.  We have flirted for years, so am positive he likes me, as I like him!  I also know he's single..........Yeah, my friends always called me 'an adopted Yorkshirelass', and still do haha!  Thanks again and best wishes xyes

Hi Carole - keeping everything crossed for you!!  You obviously already have an established rapport, so at least you'll have a good evening out, and just having good, reliable friends is so important and valuable.  Good luck xx ?

Thanks so much!  Guess you are onwardsandupwards?  What is your name?  Love your new handle btw!!!!  Nice one.

Yeah, I agree, Jim and I have an established rapport - good one!  Indeed, have wonderful friends, and I'd love him to be a new one!  Boyfriend?  Even better, but ZERO STRINGS.  Just a stress free lunch. hopefully, this month and see how things go?  Thank you so much.  xx yes

Happy New Year Carole!  No, I'm still Onwards and Upwards - I'm Brenda x

Oh sorry = got another message from someone who sounded like you, ahem!  Hi Brenda xx

Am soooooooooooo sorry, you sound lovely, just like onwardsandupwards (Brenda).  Happy 2020 and much appreciated xx

Brenda, went to the shops this morning.  Thought, if I see Jim - it's meant to be.  Guess what?  HE BROUGHT ME HOME!  I just blurted out about asking him out, and he was all over me.  Kissed me Happy New Year, and hugged me a few times goodbye!  Never said yes or no, but I know he's single, is chuffed to bits I asked, and he's thinking about it.  Fair enough.  I want nothing heavy, and told him so.  I also said it was 'Just a nice lunch for two pals' (I should have added 'then see what happens', but didn't want to look like a tart haha!)

What will be, will be, but I've done it now phew!  Added that I've never asked a guy out since I've been disabled, so this was a huge thing for me.  He said he took it as that, and was v v flattered.  Watch this space..........xx heart

I did it!  Asked him!  Jim was all over me, kissed me Happy New Year and we hugged loads goodbye!  Told him I haven't asked anyone out since I've been disabled, so this was a huge step for me.  He said he really appreciated that, and was v v flattered.  Is thinking about it, but I know we're both single.  It'll be nothing heavy, and told him so.  Looks good?  Hope all's fab with U2.  xxwink

Oooo that's great! Just like to add - wink wink, I am a huge believer in destiny xxyes

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Thanks Brenda.  I am too, and the signs were good!  Told him that I asked guys out a lot when younger and able, never got turned down - and he jumped in 'I am not saying no!'  Oo-er Mrs?!!  Will keep you posted. Ta xx smiley

PS  I feel great overall, whatever happens.  Am just so proud of myself that I found the confidence to ask = wow!!  If Jim makes me feel this good about myself no matter what happens = he's an absolute diamond geezer!!!! xxyes

? here's to fun and friendship, just take it easy tiger, and enjoy ? then you never know what may happen xx ?

Absolutely and oodles of thanks honey!!  Feel great whatever happens, cannot believe that I summoned up the courage to ask = wow!  xxyes

Just to let you know, I haven't seen Jim since I asked him out.  Obviously, he hasn't been one of the taxi drivers that I've had.  Know he's v v busy.

Not worried either way, as am proud that I asked.  Have never done that since I've been disabled.  What will be, will be, but am loving being independent!  Will keep you posted. xx smiley

Brenda, just to let you know that I haven't seen Jim since I asked him out.  Obviously, he is not one of the taxi drivers who have picked me up.  Am not worried either way.  Am just proud of myself that I asked, and it was received well.  Think I'm too independent???  Hope all's good.  Peace Carole xx smiley

Hi Carole - I've sent you a message privately hoping it works! Love the new photo - looks a peaceful place x

Que sera!  As long as you still have a friend in Jim, that's the important thing.  You never know who or what is around the corner.  If it's meant to be, it will be!  Independence is a very attractive trait so enjoy being confident in yourself, some people take their whole life and never feel confident, so you're already ahead of the game!!  xx