HI Ian!

Good for you re your training.  Agree, counselling is very deep.  My Dad had just passed and that was why I stopped.  Also, I realised that it was just too damn tough!!!

Also hope you are well settled now for Xmas, or about to be.  Thankfully, I am now!  Phew....

Thanks about Andrew.  Meeting tomorrow = eek!  Am excited obviously, as is he, just a little scared though I suppose that is only natural!  Been so long for a 'first date', hope I do alright haha!!  Got lunch with an old friend on Sunday, then dinner out on Monday night with my cousin etc, so won't be too lonely thank God!

Take care and be well.  Peace Carolecheekysmiley

Happy Christmas Diegh.

For the most part I don't think about what was or could have been.

Wish you well for the coming year.

So you posted this three days ago Carole.

That means the tomorrow has happened. How did it go? Well I hope.

I'm sorted for the festive season, well as much as anyone is. All gifts posted. Managed to loose the Christmas cards, I probably packed them in one of the parcels. So found a template for one, printed it off, had to make an envelope. I'm sure there are loads I have forgotten. It'll be the Facebook message to everyone to cover. To be honest I never was good at keeping addresses, and remembering name's, well I have an excuse.

If we don't catch up, I hope we do, but have a great Christmas and a wicked New Year.

Ian x

Hi Ian

It never happened grrrrrr!  I guessed all day on Friday, Andrew would cancel.  Every time my phone pinged!  Sure enough, at 9.30pm, he did!  Thankfully, he let me know but hasn't replied to any text since!!!  Am so disappointed in him.  Went back on POF today and my profile states that I use a walker, after overcoming total paralysis.  If nobody can accept me like this they can 'eff off!'

Great that you are all sorted for Xmas.  Needs must re cards and messages, huh?

Have a lovely Xmas too and all the best for 2020!

Peace Carole x smiley

More fool Andrew. I've never understood say you'd do something, and then backing out last minute, unless you have a note from your mum, you're in hospital, or you're banged by by the police. Well I hope he hasn't met with any of the list.

Well I'm sorry for you, getting built up, never nice to be let down.

A wise sensi said to me once, if you are invited to something at least turn up, because you'll soon find you don't get invited to anything.

I'm guessing my brother got the cards, as he said he wouldn't open the parcel, I did say everything was wrapped, but no, he apparently wouldn't.

POF = plenty more fish? You don't want a haddock!

What ever happens, have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant 2020.

Peace and harmony, good will to all.

Ian x

Thanks Ian

Have a stinking cold now, which doesn't help matters!  Can't sleep.  Am really disappointed about Andrew but, his loss haha!

Don't know why I'm on POF.  Quite addictive, though free!  Good that your brother is being a good boy, and saving stuff until Xmas Day.

Have a lovely time, and all the best for 2020.  Must try to get SOME sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz!  Peace and harmony Carole xsmiley

Poor you Carole, a cold at any time isn't good, but over Christmas a real bummer!

Hope you are feeling better now.

Well I got through Christmas. Ask me to cook for twenty, not a problem ( it never used to be, not so sure now), but to cook for one, talk about getting me nickers in a twist. By the time I'd done the dinner, I looked at it and thought, why. I ate it because, rather than I really wanted it. Still, had enough for Boxing Day.

Everyone seemed to appreciate what I got them. The spare cards haven't been found.

The club was shut Christmas Eve, so that solved that choice. 

Had a disagreement with the GP receptionist over my meds, so raised it formally. Conflict resolution was my job, and this receptionist needed some, plus last time I was down there, they had implemented a policy of zero tolerance, something we had proved to cause more problems than understanding why people become distressed 10 year's or more back. But that seems to be the void the NHS has up here as opposed to down London.

You say POF is free, I might see if I can catch a cod, I was never good at fishing, bread kept falling off the hook.

Just New Year to think about, but the club might just make the choice for me again.

Have a brilliant New Year and the year that follows.

Peace and harmony, Ian xx

Cold has virtually gone now Ian, thanks.  Was 'good' to be in quarantine, as I recovered haha!  Had lots of texts etc, so wasn't too bad.  Love Xmas dinners yum!  Had a few in the run-up with friends.  On the actual day, just got a takeaway Indian meal as was feeling so lousy.............Gave them a big box of chox though, as it WAS Xmas Day!

Same with me, everyone seemed to really like and appreciate everything, so that was lovely to hear.  Hope the situation is all solved now re your meds.  Used to be a receptionist, but we were always taught to RESPECT who was talking to us!

Met a few pals on POF.  Two guys who also use walking aids.  Nice guys.  No plans to meet up, which is fine.  Have an excellent New Year and 2020 too, whatever happens.

Am planning trip to York in either late April or May.  Have a few friends still there, as I lived in Yorkshire for almost a decade (Wakefield actually, but worked in Leeds).  Loved it.  Was there this April, though fell and broke my hip ON MY FIRST NIGHT!  So, feel I d-e-s-e-r-v-e this trip!!!  Peace and harmony Carole xx yes

Small world!  I'm a Wakey lass. Born and bred !! Moved away when I got married though. Whereabouts in Wakey did you live? I Lived on just about every council estate when I was a kid (my mother was a 'gypsy' always wanting to move house!) When I left home and got a place of my own, I lived in Ossett xx

Ha ha - can't believe they censored the G word ending in Y  !

HAHA!  Small world, indeed wow!  Lived in 44 Barnstone Vale, 53 West Parade Court and, ultimately, 25 Anderson Street, Plumpton!  Have good friends who live in Ossett and, actually, used to work there.  At the branch offices of Catteralls, Solicitors.

I still visit often, as have lots of good pals there.  However, usually to York or Leeds.  Have never been back in Wakefield since my stroke, and hospital stay in Pinderfields.  Loved it, but don't want to risk bumbping into my ex grrrrr!

Hope you had a fab Xmas, and have a brilliant 2020.  Peace Carole x smiley

Yeah, know all of those places. I had 2 Aunties and my Grandma who lived in the bungalows on Plumpton. I also had the pleasure of a stay at Pinderfields when I had my stroke. Fancy that! 

OMG!  Brilliant, proves I wasn't lying haha!  Plumpton rocks!!!!  I was in Pinderfields for a year - 29 January - 15 December 1993.  Care was excellent.  I overcame total paralysis whilst there.  I thought the physio was tough at the time, but my God, they got great results!!!  Also learned how to talk again, during that time.

Had a huge heart op in LGI in April of that year, as the tumour on my heart which caused the stroke, was breaking up apparently. A piece of it floated to my brain, and caused the effing stroke! Nobody knew it was there, until the stroke happened.  How did yours happen?

PS  Telling porkies I meant!!!!

PS  Forgot to say, I am from just outside Glasgow.  Married a Yorkshirelad, and moved.  He divorced me, because I took the stroke.  At least, he wanted to but I divorced him in the end, due to his infidelity!!!

His name is Mark Stead and our marriage was mostly great and v loving.  He was a Social Worker (still is), and I was a legal assistant.  Made more money than him, and he didn't like that haha! x

Also forgot to tell you, I collapsed at Westgate Train Station, as was on my way to a STAR TREK convention in Leeds haha!  Scotty (Jimmy Doohan) mentioned me to all the attendees, and they all sighed and clapped.  Have it all on DVD!  Ironic, HE is gone now, and I am still here!

Mine was the result of a blood clot caused by HRT. I was 65 at the time (67 now) I had been on HRT since my hysterectomy in 1989. I came off it at 60 as my GP wanted me to but had loads of problems. Was under the hospital for ages then the Gyna told me the only thing that would cure me would be to go back on it. As I was fit and healthy with no issues, she said I would be fine - I took her advice so only myself to blame I suppose. My odds apparently over 60 were 1 in 10 chances of having a stroke but thought it would never happen to me! At the time, it was worth the risk - how wrong I was!  My Mum-in-law had twin heart valve replacement at LGI. They were superb. I was only in Pinders a week and then sent on my way. So glad you pulled through. I know from your posts you have had a real tough time of it. Keep your chin up and take care x


Wow!  How lucky were you too? Am 55 now, but was only 28 when I took that effing stroke!  Am still v v angry about it, probably like you deep down.  I am convinced mine with triggered by The Pill.  The doctors cannot be sure if that's the case, or I  was born with that tumour, and it just grew as I did.  They think it was activated by puberty?  Which makes me angry that I was not born a boy, then this would never have happened!  In saying that, I love being a female!!!

Thank you, and glad you made it too.  How are you now?  I have to use a walker, as my balance is off.  Was in a wheelchair for 14 years, so this is much better!  Got back with my childhood sweetheart, when I moved back.  However, Billy sadly died in 2013, so I feel cursed sometimes!  I try to stay upbeat though.  x

Billy passed, sorry it omitted the D word which rhymes with head!!!!

So sorry about Billy. You are indeed an inspiration to us all. I think that life can dish out some hard lessons to learn along the way. At the time they happen we always wonder why me?  I try and make something positive out of crap situations.  I am thankful that I was born a fighter -  as you certainly are.  I'm a Taurus so we don't give in easily LOL! x