Dating post stroke

Dating has never been great for me I guess something about being a a childhood cancer survivor and now a stroke survivor. I have tried online dating to little avail. I guess I would be glad if anyone could offer some advice or any dating sites that are handicap friendly I would be appreciative.

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Sadly the easiest found one has horrible reviews and mostly bots and wants you to pay to talk to bots.

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At the risk of suggesting things you may have thought of…
Why not search for classes locally like art or bakery weaving or cookery or archery or gardening etc?

If you aren’t so mobile look for online social meeting spaces. I used to use IRC long ago (it was text chat on the inet) and we had several weddings in our community over the years till Facebook and Twitter arrived. I guess similar would be in discord eg the remote d&d fantasy gaming community - must be loads out there if you’ve got the hint where to look

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Will take a look thanks.

Online dating hasn’t been great. Somehow managed to get turned down by a girl with palsy. Disabled dating sites are pretty bad most charge and women without disabilities are on them looking for men to change their life situations (spoiler alert this is a horrible idea). Managed to find the girl with palsy through a regular dating site.

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That’s great
I guess a case of perseverance paid off?
Yes as in any social circle you have to avoid the folk who’s motives aren’t equal to yours .

I’m assuming from the above that you’re both having some enjoyment from each other’s company and maybe a wider circle as well
Good luck with everything in the future

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Commiserations, I guess it feels hard but plenty more fish…

How’s it going with dating? Any update?