Dates of posting

I see quite a few inconsistencies with posting dates. For instance there is a post by S00001 which has recently been responded to but S00001‘s post was created in September before the new forum went live. S00001‘s post is in Forum Feedback. What is also puzzling is that when I click on S00001‘s icon it gives me the information that S00001 joined in April and posted in October which is after September, creating an inconsistency with S00001‘s post created in September.

Another example is a post by Norma about the old site which someone has responded now, thinking she has just joined the new site and is writing about the new site. Norma’s post was in September. I had replied to it back then, so personally know it is not recent.

I’ve seen quite a few responses to older posts as if they were recent, some created last year which is fine but I’m not sure users are aware these posts are quite dated. Maybe an archive section might work where posts over a certain period of time get dropped into, people can still read and respond, and maybe if the original poster replies it gets automatically bumped back as a current conversation.

I’m fairly computer literate, but I am finding recognising new posts with recent replies to be unintuitive at the moment. I love the email notification, and I rely on that to find my way back to a post. I suppose adjusting all this might come down to the tracking/watching preference, however, if a new post I am not involved with has responses, I’m not sure it sufficiently lets the user know this. Perhaps, making more use of bolding, highlighting, and a more extensive colour code might guide folks a bit better. I don’t know, I have to tread shrewdly with my observations as despite being tech savvy, my brain isn’t as user-friendly as it used to be, and I struggle to recognise patterns in things.

Anyway, juice for the mill. On another note, the Discourse app and forum work very together. It might be better for people with tablets to use that instead of the browser version as it is slightly simplified in its layout. Feel free to move this post to any relevant spot where it should belong.

Additional observation: I just visited the category About Stroke, looking at the activity, if I go to a topic that was created with activity stating 4 days, it’s a post called Blood Test, the date of the post is 20th of August. There are no replies on that post and seven views. So, I question why it states that there has been some activity within the last four days. This can be misleading as the post is between two other posts with activity stating 19th and 20th.

Hello Mahoney, never mind, I don’t think it’s an issue having older posts bumped as current, but it does concern me a little people might be spending time responding to older posts thinking they are recent. Well, even that’s not really my concern. My concern is more with the date indicators for ease of working out what’s what, and what’s new.

Hope you had a decent weekend, and are feeling okay. :grinning:

@Rups Glad you’ve mentioned that. I’d noticed it but was thinking it might be something I’d missed. It is quite confusing at the moment, hopefully it will be less so as we all become familiar with the site.


Hello Anne (@ZX1), a day in hospital with presidential treatment! I’ve been in and out of my hospital quite a few times this year, but it’s a good hospital. It’s the quiet, smaller hospital near me. There is a busier, bigger one nearby. I don’t think I would like that much. My hospital describes itself as a small hospital with a big heart. I like that. I’m not keen on gmail these days either, when they changed the layout, and added all the unnecessary guff, I stopped using it. All the “complicatededness” good neologism. I like my email client to be clean and easy to use, it’s email after all. Please do post about your diagnosis, I’m glad you have got one now.

I think I posted on the older version about what I thought was important for the forum, I think the main importance factors are colour, font size, layout, and now having explored this one, functionality. Sometimes, as a stroke survivor, I need things spelt out to me because I can’t work out patterns in things, individual components are fine, but having to manage things as a whole is difficult. In one respect, as much as this work in progress might be frustrating, it actually is doing our brains good to work harder at figuring things out. It isn’t doing our brain any harm, in fact, it is exercising our brains as much as it may not feel like it. :grinning:

Thanks for this @Rups. There will be quite a few bugs we need to iron out with the new site and the date issue is interesting. I will see if the developers can shed some light on this and if there’s a quick fix.
@ZX1 I’m making a few short screen recordings that cover the basics of navigating the site. I’ll pop them in the FAQs section and pop a link to them in here. Please keep the feedback coming so we can make improvements.