Dad stroke - 2 years later

Hi all,

My dad had a major ischaemic stroke 2 years ago (affecting entire right side including speech) and he is still fighting recovery. He has learned to walk again and his arm now looks much straighter.( through extensive rehab and botox injections for his severe spasticity) He has recently had injections into his right hand which has led to weakness in his fingers and thumb. Has anyone had a similar experience? Is he likely to get power back in his hand by physical rehab alone if he decides to stop further botox injections? (I have read that the wrist and hand are the last body parts to come back). Thanks. 

I think the key is to keep moving all muscles and all joints. I got a huge boost from gentle yoga (seated yoga). I have not used botox nor any other muscle medication. 
whatever motivates Dad will be a good option.

With a real hope that the pandemic is leaving us, more things open up and hopefully dad can go to a stroke group or other sessions.In the meantime dad should keep everything moving,

send him my best wishes