Dad cant communicate but no diagnosis

Hi i am new to the site but thought I would share my story to see if anyone could help me.. it's a long one so I apologise now. 

My dad is 65 and can no longer speak. He had an accident 6 years ago and this has developed gradually from then. Had numerous brain scans and a haematoma removed from left side of brain which he recovered well from but still no speech. He can say yes and no but sometimes gets mixed up. No diagnosis has been given of stroke/alzheimer's/dementia etc so mum doesnt know where to turn.

He is still working in a physical role and his motorbike is his life, he drives to scotland/Wales and walks the peaks. His behaviour can vary day to day, by looking vacant/confused and doing things that you could maybe link to dementia. My mum doesnt get any help as no diagnosis has been given.

My mum cant accept what is happening to dad. She is so frustrated angry etc. Mum has every hope he will speak again but I'm unsure and when I suggest things to try and help dad, she shoots me down. 

As my dad cant really write either I dont know what aids I can get him to use to communicate and give him his choices back... eg... just to Express what he fancies for tea. 

It's hard when my mum is in denial and says nothing is wrong as that's what the dr have told her??!!

Thanks I feel better for writing this down. 

Welcome to our forum. I have no medical knowledge or qualification, but this link might help you

Aphasia ? Communication problem 

So sorry to hear about your father my husband had a stroke last June and has just started speaking he can repeat back to me what l say and can read aloud but dose not make spontaneous speech l hope this will come 

l think you need to go with your mother to see your GP or hospital consultant and ask to be referred to speech therapist l found their help is vital along with speech and language apps 

hope this helps wishing you and your family well